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  1.             Hi! Welcome! 

                 Bio: Liz, 24, GIMP Artist 

                           Newest work at the top! I'm brand new to the concept of graphic-making, this really only marks six months with GIMP but super excited to show you what I've done! 


                         Large Graphics: 










    Credits: magicmuggle at TDA for "Celestial" tutorial, vanessax17 at devianart, toball at devianart, br for stock PNGs, historic charts by matchavia_ddohscj 

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  2. 12 hours ago, Schultz. said:

    Hi there!!


    Welcome to TDA 🥰 I only just returned myself after a long while away but I'm also bringing on a PW charrie in the new term!!! So feel free to hit me up for a chat about anything and let me know who your charrie's going to be!

    Thank you so much! I most definitely shall send you a PM once I register - I'll probably need help getting out of Diagon Alley! I've heard that PW has gone through a lot of plot board changes so I'm definitely excited!! 


    12 hours ago, JadedWraith said:

    Hey welcome! I love all things geeky and I ams ure we have a lot in common!

    OMG same! I'd love to hear about what kind of shows you're into! I love anime & manga as well, I have since childhood hehe. 

  3. Hello! 


    I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm new around these parts. 


    I used to be around HPFF back in the mid 2000s, but I only really ventured here for graphics for PW and the like. I decided to return after completing my education in the US, since I have a bit more time on my hands, I wanted to return to role playing and writing. I don't really make any graphics, but I -do- appreciate seeing the pretties on this website, and plan to register on PW for the April term! 


    I adore mostly all fiction novels, including Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, (I can *tolerate* Twilight), the Lost Hero series, and other books. 

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