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  1. You enter The Great Hall and immediately realize that the rumours about you having to fight a troll weren't true. You'll be sure to remember that pale boy's face, he's someone to be reckoned with. You follow the group towards the podium, passing long four tables as you go. Two on your left, two on your right. Older students watch you curiously, there's some whispering, some giggles and laughs. Some students don't even bother to look up, muttering angrily how "they should just get it over with" and serve food. You hear your own stomach grumble; you haven't eaten all day. Because, surely, the snacks on the train don't really count, do they? The group stops not too far away from the podium. You notice a stool with an old hat sitting on it. What is the meaning of this? They don't expect you to try the hat on in front of the entire school, do they? But then you hear your name. A woman in a pointy hat tells you to sit down on the stool and try on the Sorting Hat as your fate will be decided. Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?
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