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  1. This is such a lovely collection of graphics. The Gravity banner is my favorite, but really... all of them are good. Also, I love your colorization so much that I wish there was more to see in that category. I'm so glad I stopped by your gallery, it's a sight for sore eyes.
  2. Love your James McAvoy and Sienna signatures. Very well made.
  3. Oh, your signatures are to die for! How do you do this sort of coloring and composition? It's brilliant and I'm jealous. The Cayrs signature is especially gorgeous and I feel like... eating it? Dang, your talent is making me go cuckoo.
  4. I admire your stuff so much. My favorites are the Emilia Clarke Forest banner, Crying Earth graphic, and I must have ogled that Fire blend for eternity istg! Your gallery is really inspiring. Such talent!
  5. Oh my goodness! Your graphics are so frikking amazing! I've been randomly opening galleries for the past 10 minutes and yours just made me stop and stare for 2 minutes straight! Everything, and I mean everything, is so beautiful. I can't stop admiring your banners and photo manipulations. How do you do it? I hope you have your graphic tutorials here because I've so much to learn and I'm betting I'd get 99% of that knowledge just from you alone.
  6. Your signatures are stunning. The use of stock and color is just amazing.
  7. ­čśŹ Your gallery is great! I've done some web design stuff once for a friend but I don't think I'd ever be as good as you. Coz wowza!
  8. Okay, these are gorgeous. I don't even know how you made them! And that says a lot about how much I know. I especially love your coloring style, soft and contrasty and earthy. It's lovely. Wish I could do what you do...
  9. I've been here before. The graphics on hpff are so pretty. They led me here. I finally to sign up because I'm in love with this website.
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