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    Drawing, reading, trying to make graphics on my computer...., writing, cooking
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  1. looking around and the faces of all the different type of people staring at you. The silver and blue and the yellow and black both stare at you. A gulp and anxiety wash over you as she take a seat on the stool, waiting for what the hat will say.
  2. I am rather in pain. So....I got into a car crash yesterday....The worst I have had.....Might need surgery on my leg and might have to have my metal plate in my back re-adjusted. So I might seem dead for a while due to that but I am still working on my graphics and everything

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    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      Glad to hear it! Hope you have a speedy recovery

    3. JadedWraith


      Hi Charlie. I hope you're doing better. have plenty of rest dear and get well soon.*hugs carefully*

    4. Charlie Lupin

      Charlie Lupin

      *hugs back* thanks both of you

  3. I have this horrible problem of doing writing in the morning, drawing and photography in the afternoon, editing until dinner and then graphics at like 12 am, and I have too many things that I have going on!!!

  4. Willkommen! Great to see you around!
  5. The signature was already posted and she already thanked me for it.


    Would she prefer if I posted it somewhere else where she has access? but where?



  6. @JadedWraith and @theodosia Thank you! I love your signaures!
  7. Thanks Amy! @hamylton. Do you know what Vault Points mean? I didn't put anything since I didn't understand it
  8. Hello~ My name is Holly. I have found TDA when I was scrolling through things on HPFF. I haven't done graphics in a long time so yea. My messages are always open so if you guys just want to talk feel free to. I am shy and very sweet. Can't wait to see what other people on this site have in store! Cheers~
  9. I have found this a few months ago due to HPFF. I was like I'm not good at graphics but I remember realizing I should get an account due to myself doing graphics for my books on HPFF. I am very rusty, and I haven't used photoshop since 4 years ago. 😐 But I am glad to be here and show my work~! Most of my graphics are banners/chapter images/book cover
  10. Does anyone know how to get to the gallery, I found the thing for the newbies, but when I click on it, nothing happens

    1. hamylton.


      If you want to make your own gallery, go into the New Artists subforum, you should see a button called 'Start a New Topic'. There's also a link to the Gallery Rules that will give you more information on starting your gallery!

    2. Charlie Lupin

      Charlie Lupin

      Okay! Thank you! You can ignore the message I just sent you XD

  11. Can someone give me some tips on graphic designing type of things? I'm taking a class when ever my college starts back up but in the mean time?

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    2. star crossed

      star crossed

      what kind of things do you mean? programs or something else?

    3. Charlie Lupin

      Charlie Lupin


      I have gotten photoshop and stuff and just looking for tips/tricks. I haven't used Photoshop in 4 years...

    4. star crossed

      star crossed

      You should check out our tutorial section, its fab! Has loads of program specific tips and I've found it super useful over the years


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