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  1. Hi, Estevan! I've seen you around on SP and it's so cool to see your older works here. I absolutely love your style and can't wait to see what else you'll make!
  2. Caleb wasn't sure if he was nervous or excited - he had been waiting to come to Hogwarts for so long, and now that the moment was finally here, he was overwhelmed. Everything seemed to be moving so fast, and while he was giddily taking everything in, it was almost too rapid. When his name was called, he went up to sit on the stool. A large, rugged hat was placed on his head. He sat there nervously, evaluating his options; which house would he join? Which one was the best fit? The Sorting Hat was supposed to have the answer to all of his questions, so he waited...
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, Amy & Shona! ❤️
  4. Hi, everyone! My name's Caleb and I've been making graphics for almost two months now. I've been having a great time at Shadowplay and heard of this site and decided to try it out as well! I've never been great at introductions, but I guess I'll just tell you guys a few random facts about myself? My favorite color is purple, although tbh I love almost all of the colors except for red and orange. I'm pretty decent at playing the piano, and I really enjoy writing on play-by-post roleplaying forums, although solo work is also fun, too! I hope to meet a bunch of new faces here at TDA, and I hope t
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