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  1. hey christie! welcome back! it's been 7 years for me too but somehow feels much longer lol super excited to see what you create - you're off to a good start with the animagus challenge banner! ✨
  2. hi dia! welcome back and it's great to meet you! 💕 wanted to pop over from my post and say hiiii! can't wait to see your work and chat more with you. so happy to be part of the community again ✨
  3. same! yeah i was on for like 5 years from 12 or 13. i think covid just has me missing the sense of community that i had here, and i'm happy to see so many others like you returning right now! looking forward to seeing your work and chatting more! 🙂
  4. daaaaang 😍 i love that orange/black & white coloring you've used as well as the coloring on that pretty please blend (although your coloring is pretty gorg across the board). i also love how you've mixed more nature-y stock images with graphic textures. i will definitely be keeping an eye out for any updates! 💕
  5. ahh! i think i remember you from way back when! so glad to see you're back at it ✨ absolutely love this+ banner set and how they come together to create a really unique and interesting larger graphic, but each can stand on their own. looking forward to seeing what else you create!
  6. wowowow! 😍 i'm blown away by your use of stock and textures (i'm a real sucker for the double exposure vibe). you also do an amazingggg job of showing dimension and making the image look more dynamic by using varying sizes and adding text in different planes of the graphic instead of right on the top layer. i can't wait to see what else you create!
  7. thank you so much! and likewise - that sig is 😍
  8. audrey. 25. photoshop. finding my style again after ~10 years. newest will be at the top of each section. signatures banners (pardon my french) chapter images credit list: unsplash.com | pexels.com | dafont.com | gaby's font pack | anyataylorjoy.net | sophieturner.org
  9. hey everyone! i'm audrey. i'm 25 and i used to be on here like.... 10 years ago? life happened and i didn't really have access to photoshop or anything anymore, but recently i've been thinking more about this site and thought it would be fun to come back! i'm not sure if i even remember how to make anything with photoshop, but here we are anyway 🤷‍♀️ looking forward to (re)connecting with you all, seeing what everyone's creating, and rebuilding my gallery. 💕
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