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  1. hi desiree! i can't believe i haven't posted on your gallery yet! your work is BEAUTIFUL. your icons are so detailed and i love the ones you did that spell out your name. so creative! i love +this banner - the composition is great and i love the simplicity of it! out of your sigs, +this one is my favorite because 1) zendaya ofc 😍 and 2) the coloring is so beautiful. you also have done a great job with creating clear focal points in your graphics. i'm also obsessed with both your blends - the coloring on them both is just WOW and i love your unique use of textures and mo
  2. hi! i figured since i entered your continuous banner challenge, i should pop by and leave a comment on your gallery ✨ your work is beautiful! you do such a great job of creating a clear focal point with your composition (which is i guess why you created a challenge all about focal points!). i love the coloring and text on +this sig - the pop of yellow really works! +this blend is also STUNNING - i love the different textures and stock you used, and the composition is fantastic. your icons are also great (especially +these) - it amazes me how much you're able to fit into such a tin
  3. hiiii! i saw your PW sig dump in post your last and was in awe 😍 the coloring on your graphics is just absolutely mesmerizing, and the way you create dynamic compositions with stock, text & textures is so inspiring to me! i hope to see more soon! ✨
  4. hi sarah! omggg i am finally getting to look at your gallery on my computer instead of my phone and WOW! 😍 i love love love +this and +this, and i love how soft your coloring is! your use of textures is also gorgeous, and creates so much to look at in each graphic! congrats on your promotion!! πŸ’•
  5. hi ana! just wanted to stop by and say congrats on your promotion! looking at your gallery i can see how well deserved it was! 😍 i love how vibrant your colors are, especially in your signatures! +this is one of my favorites! you created such depth with the composition and varying the sizes of the people, and the texture use is just so lovely as well! it's clear you love working with bright colors but even in sigs like +this one, where it's a little more subdued, the coloring is still gorgeous. +this is beautiful - i love how you put the one picture in the frame like that, and the
  6. congrats Jess!! πŸ’•πŸ’•
  7. hi jess!✨ so happy to see you finally posted a gallery. just wanna say WOWWWWW 😍 your graphics are absolutely GORGEOUS. i love your use of textures and the way you create depth with text (like in your signatures). i'm in LOVE with +this and +this - the way you used different parts of the model's faces is so creative and makes the banners that much more interesting to look at (i keep scrolling back up to look at them to see if there's anything else in the composition that i missed). and the coloring on the "wings off of flies" banner is just...so so aesthetically pleasing.
  8. wowwww this is gorgeous! congrats to everyone featured, and i'm so happy to see @doctor ziegler featured! their graphics are so unique and beautiful 😍
  9. hi jess! nice to meet you and welcome back! i’m audrey and I’m another one who was on here a whiiiile ago and just came back recently. can’t wait to see what you create!! πŸ’•βœ¨
  10. Omg so happy to be pink again πŸ₯° thank you! πŸ’•
  11. soooo not sure how i haven't seen your gallery before with all my lurking of the veteran artist galleries and with the new graphics you've been posting around but just wanted to come and leave a quick comment to say that your work is STUNNING. when the page loaded i had intended to leave a more detailed post with more specifics but i'm not really trying to write the great american novel here so WOW i just love everything. i love how you pair softer coloring with more vibrant pops of color most of all, and i love how cohesive the 7 deadly sins banner set is. 😍 can't wait to see more
  12. hi lexi!✨ i absolutely LOOOOVE how dynamic your comp and text are. all of your graphics are gorgeous but signatures are obviously your strong suit. 😍 i love the coloring on +this and +this especially and i can't wait to see what else you create and i'm sure you'll fly up the ranks! audrey
  13. hi! welcome!!! can't wait to see your graphics journey on here! ✨
  14. hi stephanie! welcome back! ✨
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