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  1. hello welcome back!! i'm in the same boat, i used to have an account here when i was like 14/15 and now im 22 and i miss the good old days!!
  2. hi everyone! I'm dia i'm 22 and my pronouns are she/her @ mods please dont be mad at me but i used to have an account here eons ago that i was too nervous to really use and im pretty sure its gone now because i have no idea what email i even used to sign up with it and recently i've been reminiscing about graphic making and since im almost a whole new person i figured it was best to start fresh! (i hope thats okay, if not i can try to dig up and find a way to delete my other account, i have no interest in keeping that one) anyway, i used to make graphics for another fandom that i was too nervous to post here because everyone here is just so fricking good!!!!!! but i've been a harry potter fan longer than i've been anything else, so coming back here feels really good!! i see the entire site looks different from the gold/black theme that i remember but i'm really excited about diving straight into tutorials, the resources on this site are just unmatched and im itching to get started please introduce yourself if you want i'd like to get to know as many people as i can!!!
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