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  1. hiii lovelies I've been meaning to reply to these for so long, please forgive me 😅 @kalopsia thank you so much -- especially since you commented this so soon after I posted my gallery, your comment really was such a morale boost and so very appreciated ❤️ @Lola. thank you! coming from you it means a lot ❤️ @iron man Jess you're too nice to me I swear -- thank you my dear you're the best ❤️
  2. congratulations Jess! 💖💖💖
  3. Lexi, 24, Western US Signatures Chapter Images Blends Banners Awards made by hamylton made by Lola (+Credits)
  4. Hiii, I'm Lexi! I've been considering joining TDA for a while now but figured that the new year was as good a time as any to double down on my efforts to learn how to make graphics! I'm very much still learning, so I'm looking forward to being around all you wonderful artists and hoping that some of your talent will rub off on me. I handle Saoirse McCullough (+others) over on PW, for those who might know me from there. ^_^
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