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  1. ahah, I remember that xD I only got senior in october -sigh- but I took like a year long break in there because I was just tired of it. but I'm back now with mod talents =D and ugh. school. almost done xD just almost. so close. sosososoclose

  2. lol yeah, I remember, we were pissed at the reshuffle :P I kinda lost interest after that. But I'm back, for now at least! I'm pretty good. School is getting insane though! and I have way too much to do lol, but its good nonetheless. How are you? (Apart from the infection. That sounds bad :( )

  3. I'm pretty sure the last time was the reshuffle!!! but I'm glad your back =D you should stay ^^ I miss talking to you. I've been good. right now I have a viral infection. nasty. but eh. you?

  4. oH my god!!! I do!!! wow, what has it been, like three years?!?!? lol I was bored so I decided to come back for a bit. How are you?>?

  5. em?!EM?! DO YOU REMEMBER ME?!

  6. happy happy birthday hun! ^_^

  7. heeeeey! i dont know if you remember me, but i was polkadotpalms back in the day. [:

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