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  1. Does anyone have a good source for Ezra Miller photos? I can't find a gallery. :/ Galleries seem to be going out of fashion and I don't know how else to find pics. D:

    1. wanderedaway


      I was going to say, I had found some on a fansite, but it appears to have been taken down. :/ But, if you do a search on DeviantART, you can find some PNGs here: https://www.deviantart.com/popular-all-time/?section=&global=1&q=ezra+miller+png

  2. What a delightful digest! Very cool layout and it's wonderful to see highlights of the best stuff made this month. ^_^
  3. Very silly question: what's the difference between opacity and fill?

  4. Taaaaylor! Congrats on the promo!!! I've seen you working so hard and it's astounding to see how much you've improved! <3 I'm so in awe of your use of colours and textures, it's so pretty! Your banners in particular are super excellent -- +homewrecker is especially wonderful (THE TEXT!!!!!) and I have a soft spot for +revival, too, because it lowkey inspired one of my graphics. Bah your use of text all over your gallery is really, really REALLY good -- you're branching out so much and it works SO well!!!!! Gosh I don't even know what to say, it's just!!! aaaah!!!! I love the
  5. congrats promotion buddy!!!! Okay so first of all I know it's not in your gallery but your entry for the flipped sig entry is SO GOOD. It works perfectly, I'm in awe. Secondly your promotion is SOOOO well deserved, oh my goodness!!! Look at all this goodness! Your first two banners are UTTERLY STUNNING, as is +this one. All of your sigs are also gorgeous -- +this gives me like... an old school Violet Gryfindor vibe in the best way? Maybe I just associate that palette with her. I love your Cruella chapter image too, I love the way the C goes around her? Bah I just want to camp out
  6. My jaw absolutely dropped when I clicked on your gallery, oh my GOODNESS. :drop: I don't know if TDA skips ranks, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were a master or a grad immediately. God, I just. I don't even know what my favourite thing is, it's ALL SO GOOD. Your use of text is MINDBLOWING!!! I think that's my fave part of your gallery, your text use. Your sigs are my fave section, upon further reflection (read: just... staring lovingly at your gallery). I especially love how your sigs show your ability to do lots of different colouring styles! Gah, it's all so good. I can't wai
  7. aaah your gallery is lovely!! +this is going straight into my inspo folder, no joke, it's gorgeous. I looove your minimalist style, it's a delight! +this is another one of my faves, I so envy your ability to do the black and white minimalism. :fangirl:
  8. I found 99mockingbirds on dA again and it's like a time machine. a beautiful time machine.

  9. HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING. I adooooore you and I hope you have fun in Melb tonight. <3 (Kristy told me.) <239482309587239587235!

  10. your reputation precedes you.

  11. you're not my english teacher. you're a 945-year-old time lord!

  12. you know your house, right? is it bigger on the inside?

  13. this this double english, or double sco'ish?


  15. i have too much work and too little sleep. D: just let me get through monday and I'll get back to you on how I am. :P I've got an ickle on pw, though <3 i loffle her. xD you ever thinking of returning?

  16. I was just thinking that. D: I mean, you're STAFF now! I remember when you were just a little member artist! I've been alright, how about you? <3

  17. awwies. D: me neither, to be honest. xD

  18. eeeeeps thank you <333

  19. the saddest thing is that I don't have a gallery. D: die, photoshop.

  20. i'm awesome. :D I'm trying to get back into graphics but photoshop haaaates me and I've only got 18 icons and a sig. xD -fail-

  21. -squish- thank you so much! we can fix the not knowing me bit? :P Hooooow're you?

  22. I feel speshful! <33 thank you lovely. -squishles-

  23. thank you so much! <333

  24. -glomps back- <3

  25. well then attack me on msn some time. XD There's nothing stopping you -- unless my msn is all fail again. but not now, 'cause I gots to go to school.

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