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  1. Feel free to reopen if it's not what you had in mind
  2. everyone is slaaaaying lately! @star crossed love the colour palette and comp on this! @beyond the rain bex & stock is always a winner and the blend is insaaaane! @aurevoir love that colouring and subtle animation @bewitching. amazing icon set, love how bright it is! @lilscratchy love this comp and smoothness @felis catus love how soft and dreamy this is ❤️
  3. Thank you for everything you've done at TDA, Karine. You're an absolute star and will be remembered fondly ❤️ I know what you mean about feeling old, too. I'm the same age and waaaay past it all! All the best for everything x
  4. Aww, thank you! I had forgotten, but after you mentioned it I looked through my folders and found them! I'm so glad you still like them I hope this is okay. Please let me know if you want any changes or I can re-try if it's not what you had in mind!
  5. I hope this is okay. Feel completely free to reopen if it's not what you want
  6. I hope this is okay! Completely understand if you want changes or to reopen
  7. @Ethan Sorry, I didn't see this! Yes, amoretti @ TDA is fine. I'm glad you like it
  8. oooo, this is interesting. Do you mind if I give it a try, Kaitlin?
  9. Feel free to reopen if it's not what you had in mind
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