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  1. i'll give two a go please ❤️ i'll also have a face too!
  2. I am sooooo sorry again for taking so long! The weather has been stunning here, so I've been making the most of it then I'm exhausted in the evenings >< Anyway, I realllly really hope this is okay! Please let me know if you want any changes or feel free to reopen ❤️
  3. Sorry, yes. Life got insanely busy and I've been exhausted and forgot about it 🤦‍♀️ I'll get something posted tonight hopefully. Just a little edit: it might be Sunday. I'm exhausted AGAIN and I'm out tomorrow. I'm so sorry 😩😩😩
  4. Got you ❤️ may not be until Friday evening that I get it done though!
  5. is this okay? i wanted to give you options of all the new pics, but the colouring didn't work at all 🙈
  6. I'm so glad you like it and not a problem at all. Which pic do you want as the main one? I'll change it up ASAP then! Also, by main one, do you mean the one by the text? 😂 There's so many hahah!
  7. Hi Steven, welcome to TDA. I'm Jordan I think we've always been mainly females here, but I know a lot of other forums were male-orientated "back in the day". I used to be a member of a WWE forum which made a lot of graphics. I always found the styles were a lot different, as well as the processes! There was a lot of vocabulary differences too. I hope you enjoy your time here. See you around!
  8. @laura* the brightness gives me life @page thirteen. the comp, contrast and text ❤️❤️ jade is bacccck!
  9. @seabear ummmm how creative is this? love it @felis catus F L A W L E S S
  10. thank you so much for both of your amazing comments. i really appreciate them ❤️
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