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  1. @winter soldier Enya!!! It's so good to see you! Thank you so much for stopping by with such a sweet comment. It means the world to me! I am unworthy! I'm glad you like my comp and coloring :-)) Can't wait to see more from you as well xoxo
  2. @ana in wonderland Thanks so much, this makes me smile every time I see it 🥰🥰 It means a lot that you like my coloring because I often wonder if it's too boring. I've been trying to branch out a little! Just thank you so much. I think you are so lovely!!! And you should def watch the Queen's Gambit, it's great! Much love xoxo
  3. Hi Ana! Just wanted to drop by with a quick comment! I love love your blend. The pink and blue look so nice together and I really like the way you did the text! My others favorites are +this and +this as the comp & depth are especially nice! & I really like your chapter images. I never know what to do with those and your texture use really works well! The coloring +here is also really nice, I love the golds! Can't wait to see more <33
  4. I had to come here after you dropped +this beauty omg it is so SOFT I just love it sm your coloring is the coloring I've always dreamed of but am not cool enough to ever achieve, I am amazed everything is stunning, but +this +this and +this are some of my faves (besides that blend I am still not over) love love love love!!!
  5. hi hi welcome back! your gallery is so lovely!! everything is gorgeous but some of my faves are +this +this and +this <33 actually the three fan mixes in general are just w o w! they are composed so nicely i just keep staring at them your coloring is so soft and lovely and your composition is v unique and cool and just great overall so can't wait to see what's next!!
  6. Wow you are so cool!!! I love your style sm I just wanna stare at it all day I especially love how intricate your sigs are like +this and +this wow please teach me I just love your texture use in general, I think it's so cool! +this and +this are also my faves I just keep finding more and more things to look at it with each piece which is so wonderful Can't wait to see what else you come up with !!!
  7. @kalopsia wow wow thank you I am unworthy of all of this praise! I'm glad you like the Queen's Gambit banner specifically as you were def the inspiration for it <33 I've been told I'm collagey before and I love some good complimentary colors so that's kinda my vibe but I am trying to branch out a little!! So we shall see!! I will also try to make more blends but no promises hahah * also oh god I'm regretting that tomato now. It was part of the original texture so I just went with it but looking at it now it looks horribly distracting so I feel like I should go back and edit it o
  8. hey hi hello!!! 1) your blending is flawless like +what and +what !! love these pieces 2) that blend is S T U N N I N G. I am amazed how you included so many people and so wonderfully and the text is so perfect !!! I literally never know what to do with blends or text so consider me v v impressed. very well executed! 3) I love love the Queen's Gambit and that chapter image is so pretty! I love the smoky effect and the chess pieces ofc. makes me wanna make some QG graphics myself, very inspirational!! 4) +this is my favorite banner. I love the blending and compositi
  9. hi. come back and make stuff pls. lots of love x

    1. klutzy_kara


      are you still around???? I am hereeeee!!

  10. I AM SO LATE BUT ILY ALL Bex - Wow I'm sorry did you just compliment my stock use ??? I am deceased. That means so much coming from the stock queen herself. I used to be all about stock but it's soo out of my comfort zone now so this is very encouraging thank you! Also I never know what I'm doing so I am super flattered my style reminds you of anything at all. I definitely have always loved magazine/editorial vibes! Ok sorry I am def rambling now and this reply is so beyond late but THANK YOU. I adore you. I would die for you. I miss you. Hope you are well. Love you forever!!! xo
  11. Kris!!! So thankful for all that you have done for the site over the years - as an artist, a mod, an admin, and just overall lovely lovely person. Wishing you the best with writing and life overall and hopeful we will still be blessed with your insanely gorgeous graphics for many years to come xxx
  12. Congrats to Branwen! You have been such a dedicated member and moderator for years, I have no doubt you will make an amazing Admin!!! We are lucky to have you! xo & a huge thank you to Katlynn and Cat for all their hard work! You two will be greatly missed!
  13. I need help! I really want to make things again but I don't want to drop the $$ each month to pay for Photoshop CC as I did before, esp since I am flaky and often end up going months without making anything. Anyone have recs for cheaper programs??? I have used Photoshop for years so I don't know what else is still around/worth using! I may end up caving and buying PS again anyways but would love to know my options first!

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    2. wanderedaway


      I was also going to suggest gimp. ❤️ You should be able to do some of the same things in that program as you can in Photoshop. ^ ^

    3. kaylaphernelia



    4. fadedorange


      omg i'm creepin' but everyone suggesting gimp is making me kjasngkjbndga isn't that what you started with forever ago?? even if i'm remembering wrong, you can rock any design program. i miss my photoplus. 😞

  14. Hannah!!! Congrats on being named Artist of the Year <333 This is so so well-deserved! I adore everything you make, ever. Your style is so gorgeous, innovative, and eye-catching. Seriously, you have so many cool things in here, I can't even! The animation on +this is insane, wow. I love love the coloring on +thisthis, and +this in particular. But my most favorite thing about everything is your composition! You have the composition skills of my dreams!!! ESPECIALLY in your chapter images. I never know what to do with those in particular & you nail it EVERY TIME.
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