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  1. Congrats to Branwen! You have been such a dedicated member and moderator for years, I have no doubt you will make an amazing Admin!!! We are lucky to have you! xo & a huge thank you to Katlynn and Cat for all their hard work! You two will be greatly missed!
  2. Kayla yay!!! I am so excited you are back! Everything is looking so lovely 😍😍 I am so impressed that you've already made so many things and experimented with stock & textures! It's so impressive. My fave thing in your gallery is a tie between +this signature and the blend. I just love the coloring and comp on both so much! They both look so soft too and I love love the textures. Your Post Malone icons are always great btw! Everything is great! Can't wait to see more xoxoxo your biggest fan
  3. I need help! I really want to make things again but I don't want to drop the $$ each month to pay for Photoshop CC as I did before, esp since I am flaky and often end up going months without making anything. Anyone have recs for cheaper programs??? I have used Photoshop for years so I don't know what else is still around/worth using! I may end up caving and buying PS again anyways but would love to know my options first!

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    2. XxTheAvengerXxX


      I was also going to suggest gimp. ❤️ You should be able to do some of the same things in that program as you can in Photoshop. ^ ^

    3. kaylaphernelia



    4. fadedorange


      omg i'm creepin' but everyone suggesting gimp is making me kjasngkjbndga isn't that what you started with forever ago?? even if i'm remembering wrong, you can rock any design program. i miss my photoplus. 😞

  4. Hannah!!! Congrats on being named Artist of the Year <333 This is so so well-deserved! I adore everything you make, ever. Your style is so gorgeous, innovative, and eye-catching. Seriously, you have so many cool things in here, I can't even! The animation on +this is insane, wow. I love love the coloring on +thisthis, and +this in particular. But my most favorite thing about everything is your composition! You have the composition skills of my dreams!!! ESPECIALLY in your chapter images. I never know what to do with those in particular & you nail it EVERY TIME. They are all flawless. I could stare at them forever. Anyways I'm obsessed with you so I just wanted to share ok everything you do is amazing don't ever stop xoxo
  5. NIIKA !!!!! I am so happy to see your gallery back 😍 You are the QUEEN of soft blending. I am in awe. Your stock use is outta this world! Everything you make is so so pretty and warm and soft and well composed! My faves are your icons, +this (the red is so vibrant and gorgeous!), and +this (this coloring and comp kill me) but tbh everything is amazing. Your coloring is so versatile but you still have such a distinct style which has me shook bc I'm pretty sure my style is just using the same coloring over and over again so I bow to you srsly hahaha anyways everything is so pretty I demand more ASAP! So glad to see you back!
  6. Congrats everyone!! So well deserved ❤️
  7. Hi there! I'm glad you like the banner. I'm not sure how it'll turn out with the changes and I'm very rusty haha but I'm wiling to give it a shot if you don't mind waiting a few days!
  8. Congrats Katlynn!!! So well deserved 💕
  9. I am obsessed with your style! Everything is so crisp and clear 😍😍😍 I am amazed by your vibrant coloring and perfect dramatic composition. Everything looks absolutely stunning! I loveeee +this and +this especially <333 Please add more soon !!!! xo Kara
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAYY I miss u!!!!

    1. hysteria


      Hiiiiiii and thanks! I'm alive and kicking and now creeping on this site. Hope you're good!

  11. excuse me are u alive

  12. Jade I am so sorry for being the absolute slowest! I owe you endless apologies buuuut I have an attempt here for you! I have no idea if this is the vibe you wanted so pls pls don't hesitate to ask me to change things/start over or open this up to someone else and here's a couple of icons ??? i feel like my brightness/contrast is whack and idk what to dow with these at all so ask me to change whatever !! xo
  13. Hi yes I am! I am so sorry! I am rusty and want to make sure it comes out well so it's taking a bit longer. I should finish later tonight or tomorrow! Xo
  14. YES I am done! I am so so sorry this took so long! I am rusty! How's this?? If you need changes let me know! I'm gone this weekend so I wouldn't be able to get to them until Monday night just fyi but I can make changes! Ofc feel free to open this up to someone else if this wasn't what you were looking for!
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