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helloooo. my name is lindsey. i'm 24 years old and i live in los angeles. i'm currently
trying to make it in this wild wacky world as a film editor. i don't like to take out the
trash & my favorite bedtime is 5am. i've been making graphics for about 10 years on

and off & i'm my cat's favorite artist. i love television and film & will make you hate me

w/ how much i can talk about character development etc. I love to write & i'm obsessed

with RP...it's why most of my stuff will be sets for my charries or friends' charries cause

i'm ​selfish like that. i also love to make gifsets which mainly debut on my +tumblr page.

my favorite weather is rain/snow/thunderstorms and the walls of my room are a perpetual

rotation of my favorite movies; right now the cycle is; perks of being a wallflower, the social

network, inglourious basterds, the amazing spider-man 2, hp & the deathly hallows part 1,

and then a pic of london cause i like london shut up. i also am an obsessive hoarder of

slash fanfic and fanmixes ._. chances are if you message me i will be so touched i'll cry

and we'll immediately become best friends.

august 2014; Staff Artist may 2014; Graduate Artist march 2012; Senior Artist

february 2012; Junior Artist i don't remember; Member Artist



Just wanted to give a friendly 'hello' and update that I'm

still around, stalking everyone's galleries and making my

own stuff occasionaly, but mostly just here to post the

occasional request from u fine talented people and to

get inspiration <3 if you need anything or would like to

request a sig, however, i'm always still available <3

cheers - lindsey

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