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  1. These changes actually all sound fantastic. It's more inclusive to everyone and brings back the spirit of graphic-making. I also think the rule about only evaluating for promotions those who apply specifically for it is a great idea - not to mention I'm sure it cuts back on work for the staff
  2. I, too, rarely comment on things like this - and I can hardly be accused of being TDA's most active member. However, I feel the need to say something because I'm surprised it's taken this long for the whole "trendy stock images" thing to get some blowback. Graphic-making is an incredibly relevant art in 2015 because so much of popular culture, media, etc, is done online. Every website has advertisements and banners, every movie has a poster, every television show has billboards down L.A. streets. The fact that this website is populated with hundreds of artists could easily put many people in
  3. a.leksy. ATIRAH YOU NEED TO STOP SHOWERING ME WITH SO MUCH LOVE. I literally appreciate you so much every time you come by. every comment on here makes me want to smile for days <3 you make my entire week i love you STAHP amour.toujours. van you did not just come and stop in my gallery <3 Ily. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU CAN HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT ;__; whymsically. AW thank you!!! thank you so much for coming by to my gallery, i really love anyone who does <3
  4. TILLLYYYYYY. I'm sorry i haven't been in here like. well. ever. and it's upsetting because your stuff is so good, it makes me want to projectile vomit. i don't think i could recreate your gorgeousness even if i tried, which believe me, i have, i have no shame and i steal rampantly okay so first of all, is this just me, that i get overly emotional whenever i see a piece in an artist's gallery that i personally requested? it's like yes. bow down for giving tilly the okay to continue creating beauty on my terms. i am of course referring to your byouuuuuutiful set that you made for my
  5. ledgerlover. DANI I MISS YOU. thank you so much for coming by my little corner of the world. like yeah, the fact that all i do is make signatures for my ONE CHARACTER is pretty freaking embarrassing but no one tells me to stop so i keep going. #healthy. but THANK YOU I HATE BANNERS AND YET SOMEHOW IT WORKED. THANK YOU please come back again soon. catharsis. SHUT UP YOU’RE PERFECT I LOVE YOU. you make me want to be a better graphic designer, my friend. this is the hard core truth. one day i will join you on PW. and if that’s a lie, at least thank you for stopping by. we clearly have the best R
  6. lumos_knox. You are absolutely too sweet with your comments, and thank you so much for stopping by! All critique is appreciated (: royalgeek. ATIRAHHH. THANK YOU FOR COMING BY AGAIN!!! oh my god. monsters inc. is like one of my favorite animated movies, how do you know me so well. Thank you so much for the nice words, ily!!! <3 Amaranth. Awww that is so sweet of you to say! Thank you so much for stopping by - I'm still floored! red herring. AWWWWAWAWW THAT GIFT IS SO CUTE. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! just.a.willow.tree. Thank you Eva!!! you are such a fave of mine, I'm so glad yo
  7. HEY ATIRAHHHHH!!!! ah man. your style. youuuuuur. sttyyyyyyyyyyylllle. it's SO CUTE. GOD LOOK AT IT. +this first of all is so cute. i wish i could make sigs like that. have to include +these because unf for some reason they are just so cute and prettily coloured. and thEN GOD +THIS BECAUSE GOD. I wish i had the cahones to try colorings like that. it's so cute and pretty and iconic. you officially have a fan. i love you. kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! EDIT: THIRD PAGE WOOOOOH
  8. posting late, i'm a terrible person ;__; Marzipan. Thank you so much for stopping by!!! i was so touched to get a promotion je t'aime. Awww! Wow! that's so nice to hear i have a fan ._. thank you so much for following me and for the nice comments, please stop by again soon! royalgeek. HI ATIRAH!!! AW MAN YOUR COMMENTS ARE SO NIIIIICE D: YOU'RE SO SWEEET. feel free to keep the self-confidence boosters coming coooos i'm shameless <3 NO BUT seriously you're so sweet, thank you so much for stopping by!!!!
  9. catharsis. AAHHH DAISY STAHPPP NO YOU'RE AMAZING. akjsdhf god that dylan gif though. the best gift you could give me was a gif of Dylan approving my life choices because damn break me off a piece of that. BUT ALSO ILY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY YOUR STUFF IS SO GOOD I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY YOU'RE JUNIOR AND I'M GRAD BUT OKAY :"D envoi. heyy!!! laura, is it? thanks so much for stopping by!! ahh i love to hear that i'm good at different techniques...usually i try to vary it a little but i'm so glad you think so! come back soon! azulive. hey alishya! STAHP you're too sweet, thank
  10. CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!! It's so well deserved, I'm so jealous of all your stuff - it's an explosion of Teen Wolf and I'm in heaven :fangirl: I honestly might have to request something from you soon because your signatures are just. Ugh. SO GOOD. AND YOUR BANNERS. It's all gorgeous <3
  11. Woah. Can I just say? Your signatures. Your signatures. I honestly might request something from you, they are just GORGEOUS. Like. Your image quality is so good, and your use of colors and textures is so simple. Ah, man. Congrats on the recent promotion though! I was gonna say, you deserve grad for sure
  12. just.a.willow.tree - Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice compliment...I really had a lot of fun making those banners ^_^ ledgerlover - MY LOVELY LITTLE DANICA. i love you so much. aahhhh thank you!! i'm glad i have a style because sometimes i look at my stuff and i'm like 'seriously who even made these.' but YAY i'm glad you like everything!! i'm starting to lose my patience/knack/talent(?) for stock and i just argh. wish i had it back haha. catharsis - Thanks for visiting, first of all! Second, AH i'm so GLAD you say they're 'adventurous' that's like the nicest thing anyone
  13. WHY HELLO THERE, MS. DAISY! I thought I'd come by to return the favor of a gallery critique because I haven't done one in ages, and you had such pretty stuff! First off, let me just say that you are totally and completely on the right track - I know what beginning artists' work looks like when they are on track to fly through the ranks, and you for sure have work like this! So just keep doing what you're doing. I really love your first set of icons - I'm kind of a sucker for that 'cloudy' looking filter just because it's so stupidly simple but can make a graphic look SO GOOD. Some of your c
  14. I have a question, actually, one that I've kind of been meaning to ask for a while What is the difference in the importance of copyright laws depending on whether or not you're making money off of these graphics? I think it's fairly safe to say that none of the artists here are making money off of the particular graphics they use on this site, so is the credits list really necessary in personal galleries? However, if we were to take one of these graphics (say a professional company was interested in it), and put it towards a project that would earn monetary gain, then of course these credits
  15. ERMERGERD...your stuff is so flawless, i'm so glad you dropped by ^_^ and thank you for such nice compliments!!! talk to you soon!
  16. Thank you so much guys for the nice promotion compliments, guys! Karine, thanks so much! I really appreciate you coming by. Sarah, thanks! I wanted to do something with Billie Piper and it ended up coming out pretty cute Thanks again!
  17. hey karine!!! i'm lindsey...returning the favor of a gallery looksie…. :DD ALSO CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMO!!! :DDD light blue is the best color anyway so no sweattttt I absolutely ADORE your "all hail our dark lord" banner…it reminds me of a style of banner-making that has long since been lost, that i really, REALLY used to love. it was around a lot a few years ago and i miss it. it's gorgeous. but OH GOD the "i'll burn you" sig is gorgeous…i can't stop staring. it's so crisp and beautiful and LKAJDHFADSFKJH there are no words, darling. at first glance, you could probably ditch your
  18. TDA, where it's perfectly acceptable to stay up until 3am because YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BED UNTIL YOU GET THE COLOR BALANCE RIGHT, SO HELP YOU GOD.

  19. HAHA Awww thanks em!! I'm very pleased, I only just saw the results now :3 and you are such a GOLDEN GEM OF LOVE with your presents!!! omggg look at eleven, he pointed at me. i'm already feeling more special than usual. holllaaaa. anyway you're awesome and thanks so much for stopping by <3
  20. Oy, I have so many replies to do to so many wonderful people so here I go! BrightEyes - Thank you so much!! That's really very sweet of you ^_^ But yes, I totally agree with you on the filtering bit. Sometimes I get way too excited, and I need to clean out some of the more sickeningly sweet ones (my term for something too over-filtered XD) And I'm pretty much done with my one or two-week long obsession with Topaz, so I think we're good, haha. Thanks fro stopping by! ellcrys. - Hey Jacinta! Well, that is really, really good news because I have been struggling with icons for quite a wh
  21. Me: "Benedict Cumberbatch should NOT have that deep of a voice." My mom: "Benedict Cumberbatch should NOT have that name."

  22. Me: "Benedict Cumberbatch should NOT have that deep of a voice."


    1. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      Isn't it wonderful???? SO MUCH FUN!!!! :D

    2. vinewood


      HAHAHA. Actually, the funny thing is that I have a TON of friends who watch it, I adore Sherlock Holmes, and I know without a doubt that I would love the show and be obsessed with it once I watched it. I just literally HAVE NOT HAD THE TIME to do so, xDD. So, I'm restringing my guitar and watching the first episode...it's difficult LOL But I'm still trying.

  24. well, they just fail XDD

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