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  1. i just came in here for the first time since probably 2011. unfortunately, my gallery has been deleted but that’s okay! it’s so crazy to see so many people stil on here 😭

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    2. klutzy_kara


      yes don't mind me still creepin' still not having a life I MISS U!!

    3. kaylaphernelia


      omg same is it bad i’m literally about to redownload photoshop so i can start all over again?!?!??!

    4. klutzy_kara


      yasssssss do it !!! can't hurt :))

  2. HOLD ON ONE SECOND YOU'RE COMMENTING ON MY GALLERY WHEN YOU CAN DO THINGS LIKE THIS AND THIS AND ALL THIS i would link but i'm not quite sure how but basically if i could i would link all of the things in here into those links because what i just i have animation shop but all i can do is fade things in and out if i'm LUCKY and am very patient can i just stay out of my gallery bc i think you need to just stay in your own!!!! i'm so jealous of the everything i'm drooling. all of the things are so omg i'll be back
  3. oh my goodness, when i first opened this i thought you made the whole gallery one image and i was like O_O your stuff is so pretty and i haven't been around to see it long but from just looking now i'm in awe! totally jealous of your skills and i definitely am in love with your style. definitely one of my newest inspirations <3

  5. yesss! i remember youuuu dont think i donttt! and i know, everyones grown up and aparttt.): sad and good at the same time

  6. haha hello there! that's good you remember, someone does ! xD

  7. yes i agree! it snowed three feet over my vacation. -.- like you couldn't have done that during school? but last week we had a double snow day for another two feet of snow! it was great (: i wish it had waited a week, though, because then we could have missed midterms.. (;

  8. i've had two snow days in a row, luckily! and a four day weekend this weekend... life is good! :D

  9. same here! and it all is suckish things D:

  10. i knowww D: it's like this year is half over already and i don'ttt want to take exams. ugh. so much work.

  11. yess.. and i sat home bored all day, practically. none of my friends could hang out! D:

  12. work, school, social life, tda, adequate amounts of sleep. pick four. haah. story of my lifee

  13. haha i'm good! nothing really, just been reallyyy busy! i haven't been on tda nearly as much as i used to s: it's so saddening D:

  14. *is glomped* we need to talk moar!


  16. aww, thank you so much! ^_^ that's so cute! :D

  17. i'm trying i'm trying :3 <33333333333

  18. I'M GR8. you and me need to like exchange some sort of contact info. i'm hardly on here anymore ):

  19. OH you mean imagegrab? yeah, i know what that is! i don't have the download link anymore, sadly, but i'm pretty sure if you google it you could fine out what you need! i love that program, it makes screencapping for animation super easy! good luck xD

  20. lawl nice to meet you, other kayla ^_^ i was here first though! im kayla number one!!! xD just kiddnig c':

  21. ermm, i hate to say this but nope, i don't remember what you were talking aboutt. :/ was it via pm? maybe i might have the sent one saved. if not, i'm not sure. :c taking screencaptures you just use the print screen button on the right upper part of the keyboard. but if you have a mac, it's different i know. you'll have to google it, i don't remember. sorry bro! ):

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