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  1. Just made my first graphic in forever!  🙈

    1. &themoon


      i've missed your graphics so much! 

    2. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      Thank you so much!! :glomp:

  2. So many beautiful graphics on this page! mariacthrn I am so in love with the colouring and composition on this, and wow the texture use!! Amazing! :fangirl:
  3. Happy Christmas everyone! :D

    1. TreacleTart


      Happy Christmas to you too!

    2. Clara Oswald
  4. Hello Kaitlin, Thank you Happy Holidays to you and I hope 2017 is a great year for you. Thank you so much for your kind words, haha yes #TeamNeonColors all the way. Icons are so hard to get right I always struggle with them and usually just pile on the colouring. Up is such a beautiful movie. <333 Thank you that DA header was back when I had my Cintiq Companion so I was drawing everything. Happy Holidays hope you have a lovely one! Lore Hello Bex, Thank you so much you are one of my favourite artists on here to your graphics are so amazing and inspiring!! :fangirl: Aww thank you very much you are too lovely. I think sometimes I go a bit overboard with the bright colouring but I just love having fun with colours. Doctor Who is my favourite show ever, I think my gallery is probably 80% Doctor Who graphics lol. Thank you so much for commenting in here and making my day so much brighter. <333 Lore
  5. There is a spider on my bedroom ceiling *hides*

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    2. hecate.


      i hate that! and then you get paranoid when you go to check it's still there and it's gone :/

    3. choobacca


      it's eating all the bad stuff like roaches and bed bugs and fleas and silverfish!!!! (not that you have all those things in your house, but if you did :| )

    4. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      I haven't seen it again since that night. I wonder where it went? :/

  6. I have a book buying problem

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    2. miss atomic bomb

      miss atomic bomb

      problem? who says it's a problem?? :P

    3. panacea.


      there are worse problems to have.

    4. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      Thank you everyone, I feel much better about buying so many books. <3 I'm currently reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and completely in love with it. :D

  7. beyond the rain The composition and blending on this is so beautiful and don't get me started on the colouring it looks amazing!! :fangirl:
  8. I'm so excited for christmas. :D

  9. Hi Andrea! Thank you for your comment you are so lovely. You have always been such a big inspiration to me I love your work so much. :fangirl: Lore
  10. Thank you for the beautiful award and congrats everyone. <333 Lore
  11. The moment when you realise that you haven't put the song titles on your graphics for the UC :'(

    1. choobacca


      quick! you have a day! you can do it :)

    2. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      Thank you. :D I have finished it! YAY. :)

  12. concise Absolutely love the text and texture use on this poster.
  13. Trying to make a Janto graphic and getting swept up with the feels

  14. Just finished watching Dirty Dancing love that film so much <3333

    1. naboo.


      that and grease are tied for my biggest guilty pleasure films <3

    2. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      I love Grease as well. <33 Have you watched Grease Live? I thought that was quite good too.

  15. Hi Grace, Thank you so much, you are wonderful. <33333 Lore
  16. milominderbinder Absolutely in love with this sig, the colouring, composition and text are amazing!! :fangirl: also thank you for the squee.
  17. Have a purple/pink version or a yellow version for you, let me know if you want me to change anything. <3 Please repost and credit.
  18. It won't be long until my gallery is overflowing with chapter images. <3

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    2. archer.
    3. archer.
    4. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      They are my favourite graphic to make. It was so hard to remake my sister's banner as I hadn't made a banner in such a long time. And you are all amazing! <3333333333333

  19. Hi Corean, Just to let you know I am basically in love with your gallery. It is so full of amazing graphics. :fangirl: Seriously, how do you do blends they are insane. And your colouring and composition skills are brilliant. I have missed seeing your graphics around here, so glad to see some new ones. Lore <3
  20. I think I might read TLAT again it's just one of the best fics <3

  21. Got up early to buy Kylie's birthday edition bundle and it sold out :(

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    2. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      I know the feeling. <3 I have some of her lip kits already they are so good, my faves are Koko K and Candy K. <33

    3. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      i really like the look of ginger & mary jo k

      tbh i'd take any though

    4. Clara Oswald

      Clara Oswald

      I have ginger coming in the post and I have Mary Jo K it's a great red shade probably my fav red I own. <3 I like that she is posting the liquid lipsticks and lip liners seperate as well now <3 I think the one I regret buying is probably Kourt K it is quite patchy which was a bit disappointing but oh well. :)

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