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  1. Haha, thanks! He was so great in short-track the other night. Third! I was like WUT! Silly Koreans... lol

  2. I absolutely adore your sig. He's from near my hometown and I was so excited when he made it to the Olympics!

  3. teal teal teal teal teal! damn your name looks good :P. yeah. college apps kicked my butt. already heard from 2 in to both :)! i'm a little bit jealous of your snow, not gonna lie!

  4. HAHAHAHA!!! well yes, I did do some being promotedness while you was away :D if you can believe it i'm still shocked that my name's in the teal! but anyhow i'm good... a little snowed in, but good! what about you woman?!?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!

  5. so, i've been gone, for, well EVER. and suddenly you're a GRADUATE?!?!?! late, late, late, but...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! how have you been dearest?

  6. haha i understand the sexiness that is fernando. shame we lost today though :(

  7. omgosh, TORRES! :3 i love him and your icon makes me very happy. : D sorry, this is random, but i can't help it, he pulled me in. ><

  8. aren't we all suckers for happily ever afters? I'm reading Grimm's fairytales at the moment. xD (read: have gotten halfway through the first one and then wandered off to do something else)

  9. i'm just a sucker for cheesy happily ever afters. i can't help it! i almost cried when i found out about all the original fairytales.

  10. I liked the bit where mulan and shang get engaged because hell, who DOESN'T like disney characters getting engaged?! but after that it gets a bit... sequel-y. xD

  11. obviously. mulan 2...i actually liked it (i'm cringing right now) but i'm a sucker for cheesy disney movies :D

  12. aha, obviously we're still kids at heart. but seriously, danny osmond's voice = amazing. It's too bad he doesn't sing for him in Mulan 2, because that's the only reason I would ever dream of watching it.

  13. -also still has a massive crush on shang but was trying to be mature-

    just so you know :P

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