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  1. I love seeing graphics from 10 years ago.
  2. I went to the old URL after a year of not being on here and it was gone!!! i was SOOOO scared!

  3. panacea.

    HPFF News

    that's horrible! There goes my childhood and teenage years!
  4. i've been obsessed with grey's anatomy

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    2. panacea.


      i'm almost done with season 11. i'm just sad i'm nearing towards the end. I've been watching it everyday since november :(

    3. hasane


      you've got two more seasons to go! and season 14 is gonna be released on netflix during the summer i believe!

    4. panacea.


      you mean only on netflix? is abc no longer releasing it? is 14 the last season? I should research my questions lol

  5. i didn't like tswift as a teenager but now i love her.

    1. SixtyTwo


      idc about the drama but she has fun tunes and nice lyrics; may not be best of all but she's her own brand like when you say 'in the mood for ts' it's so effing specific you know

  6. what kind of things do you do in your neighborhood?

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    2. concise


      some vacant corner lots (at intersections) have been turned into gardens! either for neighbors or where the produce is donated. great way to connect with neighbors when everyone lives in apartments and beautify the area/give back to the community!

    3. panacea.


      that sounds like a really good idea. I wouldn't mind planting me some veggies and fruits lol what have you planted so far?

    4. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      There's a neighborhood near me that has an annual parade, just to celebrate the community. Everyone gets involved, sort of like a village fete.

  7. is anyone here working on their PhD or has it already?

  8. looking forward to fall

    1. nancy drew.

      nancy drew.

      Same! The leaves have just started to turn and fall in my new city. ♥

  9. what was the best gift you ever got?

    1. star crossed

      star crossed

      my hubby bought me tickets to see 'the war of the worlds' at the O2 in london <3

    2. abhorsen.


      Inner peace. :P


      (I'm joking but I'm not totally joking.)

  10. ugh i woke up with a cold today and i'm supposed to make graphics for a graphic a day challenge #fml

  11. got s7 soundtrack is amazing

    1. Photoshopfreak


      Right! And I'm not one for "soundtrack" music, but I kinda dig it.

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