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  1. Hi Kayla! I just wanted to pop by and say thank you so much for leaving me a gallery comment ^_^ I thought I would come by and return the favour. Welcome back to tda! It's so amazing to see you making graphics again and getting back into things. Look at how many pretty things you have already made! Keep up the amazing work, I can't wait to see more niika ❤️
  2. Kara! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your beautiful gallery comment! You are just the sweetest. As I wonder through your incredible gallery, I just have to say.... I think you are perfection, just WOW. I love absolutely everything you make. It's all so crisp and clear and the colouring on everything is to die for. ❤️ You know I'll be back so please make more stuff asap niika ❤️
  3. Hi Sammi! I just wanted to pop in here and say thank you for your lovely gallery comment I thought I would come return the favour. Your graphics are sooo adorable I absolutely love them! That levitate chapter image is probably my favourite, just look at that blue! I honestly can't wait to see more of what you make and how you improve as you keep making more niika ❤️
  4. Hi Cathy! I just was popping by to say thank you so much for the lovely gallery comment you left I thought I might return the favour. I absolutely adore your style, you have a real knack for softness & negative space. I think your signatures are my absolutely favourite. What is your favourite style of graphics to make?? niika ❤️
  5. Hi! I just wanted to pop by and say thank you so much for the lovely gallery comment - I thought I would stop by and return the favour First of all, umm... WOW. Your graphics are honestly so incredible. You have absolutely nailed the whole mono with colour/grunge style. I feel like you have an incredible talent for incorporating so much emotion into your graphics, I really 'feel' them you know? Keep up the amazing work, I'll definitely be back in here stalking for some more inspiration soon! niika ❤️
  6. Here you go: I'm really sorry I honestly could not find any good pictures of Fred, or from the scene of him in the great hall (trust me, I looked everywhere!). These are the best I could do with the HQ images I found. Now I'm looking at it, it does seem a bit more actiony instead of sad... so let me know if perhaps you'd like me to try a purple/blue colour scheme instead? I think it's hard to make it 'sad' when there are not many good pictures of Fred 😞 Anyways, if this does happen to be what you're looking for please host and credit me niika @ tda
  7. Hi Just letting you know I am still working on this! Will be up soon.
  8. Wow you have such an amazing eye for composition! All your graphics are so creative and interesting to look at. Can't wait to come back and see more ^_^ niika ❤️
  9. finxster365 I love this!! Chris Hemsworth and one of my fave song lyrics??? I'm done! 😍 The colouring is so beautiful!
  10. Okay 1) Mind blown at the formatting of the post! How did you guys do that??? Sorcery! 2) Congrats to everyone who got a mention! (Clearly MissAtomicBomb should receive TDA member of the year or something ) 3) Thank you to everyone putting it all together! I know how much effort and time it would take but you guys did an awesome job Cheers to another year at TDA 😘
  11. Welcome! Tutorials are great!.......Or you know.... just paste and blend 20 pictures onto a canvas and see what happens
  12. Welcome! It's great to see you're so open minded about starting again. I think this could be a great opportunity to try some new creative things Can't wait to see some of your work.
  13. I joined TDA when I was just about to start high school... I am now in my last semester about to finish my Masters degree :) #tdalurkerstories #whatsyours?

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    2. klutzy_kara


      Congrats Niika!! What are you getting your Master's in? I was 11/12 when I first joined and I'm 22 now... so wild. I'm also getting my Master's but I won't be done till May 2020! Getting mine in Social Work :') 

    3. niika


      Thanks Kara! I'm getting mine in Human Resources & Employment Relations :) omg no way! I feel like we have grown up together on this site haha so crazy 

    4. .amaris


      Lolol I've read my eldest Harry Potter and she loves it, but since she's only 4 we haven't proceeded since the books get darker 😂

      Think she's a little young to be photoshopping yet too haha

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