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  1. This year will mark 10 years since I joined TDA. *Nostalgia for the past*

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    2. Ande




    3. prongsbeak


      heeeyyyyyy!!!! don't know if you remember me since I was prongs before and before that I was prometheus and before that I was blackhorse... ^_^

      I think I joined TDA in sep09...

    4. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      10 years for me in July! *hugs everyone*

  2. Gone from TDA so long that when I tried to answer my PM's, my inbox said that the recipients have "left the conversation"... I'm sorry guys! >.<

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    2. prongsbeak


      btw, I was prometheus (and blackhorse) before I changed my username! ^_^

    3. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      Hey there!!! Welcome back!!!

  3. Got a third interview at the genomics company of my dreams! So excited (and nervous)!!!

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    2. dust & decay

      dust & decay

      that's so awesome!!

    3. callisto
    4. Antiquity


      Thanks guys! <3 The company is taking me out to lunch to "meet the rest of the team" so I'm super stoked but also really scared for it... everyone who works here is insanely talented... as in "Yeah I worked at Apple when I was 16, then started a company/sold it/made a few millions, then got my PhD in my early twenties" talented o.O

  4. Is your username an Ellie Goulding reference, by any chance? ^_^

    1. anythingcouldhappen


      yes! I was obsessed with the song when I made the account :')

    2. Antiquity


      Yay, nice! I used to be obsessed with that song when it first came out too--I think I broke the replay button on youtube! :P

  5. Whew, I'm glad we're in no immediate danger of being taken down Just to clarify, is the fundraising money being used to support the HPFF forums in addition to regular HPFF/TDA/PW or is that still on the table? And if TDA did move to a new server, would we lose all of our existing content/accounts or is there a way to transfer our information over?
  6. Okay look Vashti your whole gallery is awesome and imma let myself finish but those drawings are like the coolest things I've seen of all time! ^Me trying/failing to do a Kanye impression to illustrate how amazed I am at those digital paintings^ Seriously, what? Can I pay you to be my art tutor? You're always such a lovely, friendly person around the forums and I'm so happy for you Beautiful gallery, super well deserved promo. Congrats!
  7. May the promotion be with you The graphics are strong with this one Katlynn I am your father Well, I tried! Congrats on the promo, you 100% deserved it. We're rank buddies now!
  8. Ohmigosh, I'm in love with your banners. Everything has this breathless, glossy, glowy aura (those aren't words that are supposed to be used for graphics but oh well) and I just want to keep staring at them forever... Congrats on the promo! You'll rock the new color, I'm sure

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    2. Antiquity


      Thanks guys! I'm so excited to be employed! :D

    3. Antiquity


      Now I just have to survive a few grueling decades in the tech industry, make bank, and retire to the European countryside. Or at least, that's the plan.

    4. klutzy_kara


      Congrats Beatrice, that's so awesome!!! xo

  10. Sooo I was totally in here a few days ago sizing up the competition (I applied for promos this month too, haha!) and the moment I saw your graphics I was like nope! don't stand a chance. But seriously, you totally deserved this promo! Your banners and sigs are my favorites Teach me the ways!
  11. Reviving this because I sort of went away for a while and now am coming back! Catherine (kitcath) suggested that I mention that I'm 22 because apparently a number of other people on the board are also 22..? So hi, 22ers, unite! Also I feel terrible because in the time I've been gone (a year... SORRY!) and neglected to respond to the above posts, Daryl's gone veteran and Aria's gone through a name change! But hello to anyone that reads this; let's be friends!
  12. GRIIIMES <3

    1. Antiquity


      omg yessss <3 <3 I'm a fan.

  13. Hi Kate! I don't know if you remember me, but I remember you back in the TDA olden days...Welcome back! How're you and Rachel doing? :)

    1. Kate


      I remember you!! Yeah we are good ! I'm in Canada for the ski season at the moment, but will be back in Australia in April. Rachael is a fulltime accountant in Australia and she loves it! How have you been??

  14. Yay Eva! You've always seemed like one of the most active members of new TDA so you totally deserve this ^_^ Good luck in your new position! Ayesha and Anna, you already know I think you guys both rock
  15. your critique was perfect; thank you for being so awesome and helpful! <3

    1. that guy.

      that guy.

      I'm so happy you like it <33

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