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  1. class is rough tonight D:

    1. pixielife


      *hug* I'm going through class problems too at the moment.

  2. making a graphic with my new laptop and I'm pretty sure I'm in love.

  3. making a graphic with my new laptop and I'm pretty sure I'm in love.

  4. but I got a new laptop! woooo :D

    1. zephyra.


      i'm going today to look at some. what did you get?

    2. dust & decay

      dust & decay

      nice!! ya what did you get?

    3. BARTLEBY.


      I got an Asus Zenbook NX500. Super awesome. Solid state hard drive!

  5. freelance websites have been ruling my life

  6. Almost done with my first official freelance website. I'm so proud of it!!!

    1. galaxies


      Yay go you that's awesome!!! :D

    2. BARTLEBY.
  7. made a new banner heck yeahhhh

  8. currently chugging a large coffee and downloading more doctor who screencaps than i probably need, ever

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    2. BARTLEBY.


      lol! if this was the rest of my life (which is very likely) I wouldn't be mad

    3. KaYLO REN

      KaYLO REN

      What more can a person need ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. paper crowns

      paper crowns

      you can never have more doctor who screencaps than you need.

  9. keisha, aaaahh! tis i, ashley from mayhem&madness. how have you been? its exciting to have you back. *claps*

    1. BARTLEBY.


      OMG ASHLEYYYY! girl I have missed you and the whole M&M gang :( I've been crazy busy which is why i disappeared. how are youuuu?!?!

    2. paper crowns

      paper crowns

      ugh, trying to find a happy balance between real life and fantasy. or, yanno, creative-ness. XD buuut, most likely i'm out of a job so, hey, balance has been found! and money has been lost. :(

  10. omg i remember flailing over your gallery when i first started....i'm v excited to see what you come up with!!! //fangirling

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    2. BARTLEBY.


      -i thought it said fangirling but it says flailing facepalm-

    3. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      It says both!! You definitely have a fangirl i cannot wait to see your stuff

    4. BARTLEBY.


      omg -cries- I'm trying to figure out what I can put in of my work graphics or other forms of art lol

  11. makin' graphics and takin' names

    1. pixielife


      Taking names for what?

    2. BARTLEBY.


      It's just a twist on the expression "kicking butt and taking names" - pretty much just getting stuff done! :)

  12. Hoping maybe I can back into this? Idk. Adulting is hard.

  13. happy birthday! ^___^

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