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  1. I love these new opportunities for Master Artists!!! So awesome!!! But... Master Beta???? Really? I'm just saying... 🤭🤔😶
  2. I'm late to the dance, but I'm excited for new opportunities for Master Artists!!! *dusts off PS*
  3. If only I could be in charge here, then I would see to it that this place is run properly. I can already tell from the smug looks on these professors' faces that they don't know what's going on, and my grand family name and reputation is just what this school needs to make it so much better. But I hope that this silly Sorting Hat will have the wisdom and judgment to sort me into the house into which I am destined...
  4. Hannah! I'm so glad you're back! You were one of my favorites back in the day. Hooray!
  5. Awww thanks for the potential squee/love ❤️

  6. These are so cool! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice work on this! Really great edition!!! Thanks so much! 😍
  8. I love your gallery!!! Congrats on the promo!!! 😍
  9. Thank you so much for the squee!! ❤️ :D 

    1. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      It was totally deserved! Your work is great!

  10. My workplace was struck by lightning yesterday!!! No one got hurt, thankfully... 🌩️

  11. Congrats to you, Branwen, and to @saturn. and @miss atomic bomb, thank you so much for all you did all these years to help make TDA awesome!!!
  12. Thank you for the squee! ❤️

    1. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      It was well-deserved!

  13. It feels so good to come back to TDA!!! 😍 Now if only I could make some graphics! I hope to have something new soon, if this digital painting thing works out. 😃

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