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  1. My workplace was struck by lightning yesterday!!! No one got hurt, thankfully... 🌩️

  2. It feels so good to come back to TDA!!! 😍 Now if only I could make some graphics! I hope to have something new soon, if this digital painting thing works out. 😃

  3. I just got an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, and my next arts adventure is going to be digital painting. Any tips? I'm a total newb. I'll probably use ProCreate, but if you have any good ideas or apps, bring it on!

  4. Is it Christmas yet? 🌲

    1. bright spark

      bright spark

      My uni celebrates on the 25th of November and after then I am thoroughly Christmassy...

  5. Does anyone here do Keto?

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    2. Lady Plantagenet
    3. Photoshopfreak


      EXPERIMENT! Look up recipes. There are also FB groups you can join too.

    4. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      That's a good idea. I'll check into the FB groups.

  6. Summer vacay + birthday = happiness!

  7. Two more weeks of classes, then finals, then SUMMER!!!!!

  8. Anyone here gluten free? Looking to transition, but I could use a few tips.

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    2. Photoshopfreak


      Yeah. That's what I heard about most of the breads.... but I can't have ANY bread. So yay.

    3. softbun


      My mom and brother are both fully GF, so I'd be willing to ask them any questions you have!

      On the bread thing, I do know if you toast GF bread it tastes loads better.

    4. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      I was going jump into GF full throttle, but I decided to research first. And yeah, any wisdom from your family would be awesome!

  9. Officially on spring break!!! Yay!!!

  10. Help! What's your favorite place to find great textures?

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    2. Lady Plantagenet
    3. bittersweetflames


      it has helped with my texture obsession and hoarding tendencies. ngl

    4. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      I feel that. But I really feel like I need to get a lot of new stuff and weed out the stuff I never use. I'm even thinking of doing a total revamp of how I organize my textures. #OCD

  11. It's on, peeps! Don't forget to nominate our fellow TDAers in the Dark Mark Awards!

  12. First graphic since July!!!

    1. bittersweetflames


      congratulations, andrea! <3

  13. I'm a huge fan of medieval history, and I'd really like to read some historical fiction from that era. Any good recommendations?

    1. abhorsen.


      I love Alison Weir's books - she writes both historical fiction and non-fiction, both about medieval England.

    2. seraphine.


      i really loved the name of the rose

    3. Amortentia1992


      I agree Alision Weir is amazing. I also really liked Margaret George's autobiography of HenryVII

  14. I discovered today that I learn all my best swear words from Urban Dictionary.

  15. I'm reading Catch-22 right now, and I immediately thought of you! "Milo was the corn god, the rain god and the rice god in backward regions where such crude gods were still worshipped by ignorant and superstitious people, and deep inside the jungles of Africa, he intimated with becoming modesty, large graven images of his mustached face could be found overlooking primitive stone altars red with human blood. Everywhere they touched he was acclaimed with honor, and it was one triump...

    1. milominderbinder


      ahhhhhhh omg! ;~; i love all the quotes about milo in catch22 SO MUCH, and that's such a good passage omg (now i wanna reread it for the millionth time whoops)

  16. I just subscribed to HBO. Any recommendations?

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    2. oz.


      westworld is app insanely good #sadbelgianwaiting

    3. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      Yeah, maybe I can finally see more than season 1 of GoT!!! I think I put Oliver on my watchlist, but I'll need to check. I also put Girls on my list.

    4. klutzy_kara


      Big Little Lies!

  17. New glasses today! I can see!!!!

    1. ailhsa


      I have a feeling I'll be getting some new ones soon.


  19. Summer is so close...yet so far! 2 1/2 weeks to go!

  20. Spring Break next week! Woo!

  21. How many Lowe's could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's?

  22. I just subscribed to Hulu. Any recommendations for good shows or movies to watch?

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    2. floralprint


      11.22.63 was v good. Vikings got good ratings if you like gritty, historical type dramas (it reminds me of GOT.) I really enjoyed Elementary, which is also up.

    3. TreacleTart


      There's a really interesting three part documentary about OJ Simpson on Hulu right now. It won the Oscar for best documentary

    4. Lady Plantagenet

      Lady Plantagenet

      I think I flagged Vikings. I've been wanting to see that for a long time. I'll check out the OJ thing, too. I think I found Merlin, too, which is really exciting! I really want to get back into that show.

  23. Hi Marney! I can't tell you how happy I was to see new works by you. You seriously made my day! Take care!

    1. hip cat

      hip cat

      Thank you Andrea!!! Great to be back - and now you have made my day! :-)

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