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  1. Thinking of you!! I hope you're well!!! Hugs!

  2. CONGRATS you beautiful human!!
  3. Congrats everyone! Can't wait to see the awesome work you'll do ^_^
  4. whoooo wants to do a graphics battle? :D

  5. Yippeee a warm congratulations to ya, and welcome to the Digest!
  6. Have an idea for a fun summer challenge? Post it in the duelling arena! :D

    1. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      and yet no one wants my jade appreciation challenge :/

  7. Hiya, it's so awesome to have you here! I'm Mini. ^_^ Can't wait to see what you make!
  8. We'd love to have your writing featured in the DA Digest! Think about writing a column for us :D Read more here: http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=125671

    1. Stille Nacht

      Stille Nacht

      Seriously considering this!

  9. Kelly welcome back!!!! It's so awesome to have you back :3 coming back from hiatus is a little terrifying but it can feel so great. Hope you stick around! <3
  10. Hello and welcome to the first June issue of the 2016 DA Digest. The Digest is a monthly newsletter chronicling monthly events, opinions, and accomplishments in the TDA community. This month's first beautiful header is by the talented stardusted*. Thanks and congratulations! Last Graphic Maker Standing Cycle 11 of TDA's ultimate competition, Last Graphic Maker Standing, has finally coming to a close, and after 7 grueling rounds a winner has been crowned! Heartfelt congratulations to easterlies for being the Last Graphic Maker Standing! Major kudos as well to PhoenixAlthor, th
  11. Aaah good idea, thanks so much!!

  12. Thank you for the work you did on the Birthday List! I went through and added more names from those that were missing that I could find through Profiles. :)

  13. hannah!!! so happy to be back in your gallery, especially now with you as fancy featured artist and all : D here is your critique! you know how much i love this banner, i haven't shut up about it for the past few days straight. the only thing i would be careful about (and this issue pops in some other pieces as well) is overcoloring in the shadows. you can notice it in the "burnt" left edge of big!holland's face and all around the edges of small!holland's face (small!holland's face is also i think too heavily contrasted, notice how the highlight is so sharply demarcated). what you
  14. Hunger Games is awesome! Love it. :D You can PM it to me and I'll edit it into my post!

    1. Stille Nacht

      Stille Nacht

      Yay!!! I am so excited!!! I hope you like it!!! :)


    2. Stille Nacht

      Stille Nacht

      Okay I will PM it to you since it won't let me edit the thread.

  15. Do you or Did you like the Hunger Games?

    1. Stille Nacht

      Stille Nacht

      Also, when I finish my graphic do I just edit in the BBLB thread for the challenge or do I PM it to you?

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