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    Just look through my graphics. It will probably leave you clues, most of my blends are song lyrics. Music is what inspires me. =)


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  1. ^Awww I didn't even see your comment back when I fixed the broken links back in July. I feel bad. Thank you so much for the comments tho, super appreciated. Updated with some new stuff.
  2. Fixed my broken links, figured since I'm paying Photobucket to get my pictures back. I might as well, show what I made in the past. Some of this stuff is like...old. But hey, I made it a decade ago or 5+ years ago. That's insane to me and I actually wanted to come reminisce a week ago. But alas, photobucket and tinypic have really crushed those thoughts. I'm missing so many artists here. Now to remember how to edit my signature. lol
  3. OMG, when you update you really update. I'm like WOW! This whole revamp thing is completely lost on you, whole new gallery in a matter of weeks. Just wow. I'm seriously impressed by your text and creativity, every. single. time! I'm in awe of the talent that you will always have.
  4. your gallery header is epic on so many levels. Just thought I would let you know from one Zayn/Zefron lover to another. You rock.

  5. I cry angry tears every time I come to your gallery, but whatever I guess I like the pain. You're gallery is physically and mentally exhausting! Yet thrilling, exciting and inspiring. I love your use of vibrant coloring/texture usage and something no can take away from you, your style. You have probably one of the most defined styles on TDA, which makes it fascinating every time you make something. Your text use is habitual but creative and I somewhat blame you for some of the current trends on graphics, in the lower ranks, because I know a great deal of users who are clearly inspired by your
  6. I absolutely love your gallery, you KPOP goddess! <3 Originally I just loved your signature because of Seunghoon, but now I'm just in love with everything and this signature with Key. I'm literally in heaven, you're gallery is so bright and colorful and just makes me think of KPOP in the best type of way. Love your texture use, coloring and text! Keep it up! =D
  7. Kinda jealous that I didn't see a lot of your new stuff or new gallery until today. Great to see your work again in general! I feel like I missed out on a lot of new banners and signatures by not checking back periodically because a lot of this stuff feels new to me! I especially love the Wagon Wheel banner, I didn't notice the lyrics until now. So I'm definitely not sure if I saw it before. To be honest, your style has always been completely your own. Beautiful stock use, composition, coloring and text. Nothing ever but the ultimate pro. Also so glad to see a familiar face [username
  8. The real reason most of us joined tbqh...
  9. catharsis - Seriously sorry for not replying, I remember the day you posted I wrote back and then forget what screen I was on and ended up deleting what I wrote and believe me it was a very long winded post at the time. I think in the post I was talking about Sterek and Stydia and all the shipping. It was a bit of a nerdgasm of Teen Wolf. I'm kind of glad it got deleted incase someone actually read how embarrassing I actually am. =) Anywho thank you for liking that Stiles and Lydia blend, you have no idea how much fun it was when I was making it. Void!Stiles was like my favorite season because
  10. hahaha THANK YOU for putting your old usernames up. !kaBOOM is the one I remember seeing the most! Welcome back!
  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has a hard time starting random conversations with strangers. lmao I'm Estevan! Nice to meet you Ariel! You literally had my attention when you mentioned you loved Game of thrones. XD As for who I like from 1D, vocally my bias is Zayn and usually it's him. But I got a small soft spot for Harry too, I think I'm a casual fan now. I used to follow them way back when they were on X-Factor. Mainly because 2008-2010 I was living on the east coast and I loved watching the live stream of X-Factor UK. Before anyone in the states even knew a thing about the s
  12. lol My updates when I come back is like one signature. You come back with a blend, 7 banners and new signature. haha You Goddess! =D <3 Seriously love your text on everything! I want those skills, I can never get my text to be as creative or as perfect. Its truly my favorite thing you do. How do you get so many ideas and I'm pretty sure you're using just Times New Roman or Georgia. INCREDIBLE. Mind blown always.
  13. wanderlust. - Thank you! Miss you and all your graphics. <3 lazy bones - Me telling you to join TDA for the challenges was a no brainer. =) Glad you made the move and can I just say all of your stuff is phenomenal. I'll try to join as many challenges as I can, so far I've attempted twice and so far all I've posted was in the YBW challenge. Just need to stretch my skills or remember how to make so many graphics in one sitting. abovethestars - Aww thanks! I think you can expect more GoT stuff in the coming weeks, I'm so excited for the show. Read all of the books too and it'll be exciting
  14. YOUR TEEN WOLF BLEND :o omg.

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