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    Long distance running, reading, writing, swimming, acting, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading.<br /><br />Favourite bands:<br />Tokio Hotel!!! <br />Hedley :)<br />Metro Station<br /><br />summerrr :D
  1. Ashley.. happy birthday!

  2. hello, Ashley! how are you?

  3. lmfao *highfives back* whats up?!

  4. YEY!! Your a member artist too now *hi five*

  5. *GLOMPS*

    SARAH! hollla :P

  6. *pokerige* Hey Ashley!

  7. okay, thanks :)...i filled out the for you

  8. thanks ash

    I do write a story, look up Torment on my author's page.

    thanks again

  9. sorry! i just reviewed like right now :)

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