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  1. Thank you so much for the tutorial feature! Glad to see some people are still reading it even though it was posted a while ago
  2. Hey Charlotte sorry this took so long but I am finally here with your crit! First of all, holy wow you've improved loads! I can definitely see so much progress in your graphics, and I did think you would rise up the ranks pretty quickly. Right now I'd say you're due for a grad promo really soon. I love your fun, colorful, poppy style. I love the variety of color and comp in your graphics, and to be honest I have very little actual constructive criticism for you. I think you're progressing wonderfully and I don't really feel like I can help you a ton looool. But I will try anyway! At this
  3. Yay for another great issue of the digest! Always a pleasure to read, and a fun way to quickly catch up on what's been going on around the site awesome work!
  4. Hey Charlotte First off welcome to TDA! I think you're off to a great start with your gallery already, well beyond Member Artist level, so you can def expect a promotion soon I'd say right now you're about Junior-Senior level, and I can definitely see a certain style developing, which is always great when it's this early on. I like the minimalist, texture-heavy thing you have going on, I think it works really well for you. You mentioned image quality as being one of your weaknesses, and it's really not that massive of an issue. There's some very tiny LQ-ness going on, but it's nothing to
  5. Hannah I'd pick watermelon sized head too... maybe then doing my wing eyeliner would be easier... Great issue again! Loved reading about Mini's day, thought that was a such a fun column
  6. Yay another great issue! Loved reading your column bex, very insightful and I'm sure all of us have had that same shared experience
  7. Yay new mods!! Congratulations!!!!
  8. psst eggie i need a set of numbers in my challenge otherwise i can't give you your quote D:

    1. ClearPlastic


      LOL sorry about that, i totally forgot!

    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      no worries, it's a weird challenge so i understand :')

  9. Yay, thanks for the great issue! Always look forward to reading the interviews
  10. Hey Hannah Here for your requested critique! I really love the dreamy, soft, floaty style that you have. I think you've made it work wonderfully and it's very distinctive and recognizable. I don't think there really is an issue with consistency (as you said) with your graphics - I don't feel like you're struggling to find a style that suits you, or your graphics all look like they were made by a different person. For me my favourite thing about your graphics is your composition. I think it's one of your strengths, most of your graphics have very interesting, varied comp. The Helga Hufflep
  11. Hey Cee! I guess I've already sort of welcomed you in your gallery but WELCOME AGAIN!!!! Hope you've been making yourself at home here on the forum. I joined for about 1 year-ish too before I started properly making graphics. Really excited to see the talent that you'll bring to TDA
  12. Another great issue! Fantastic work, guys. Always look forward to reading the digest when it goes up! I'm always in awe at how much works goes into them, and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to contribute to the TDA community in such an awesome way
  13. Hey Katlynn! Here with your requested crit! For me you're a very very accomplished artist already - I love your style and I'm fairly sure you're going to get promoted to staff artist like next month. So the only kind of crit I can give you is just small nitpicky things here and there. I think composition is one of your strongest points. All your graphics are beautifully composed and are always very varied and interesting to look at - I don't get the feeling that I'm looking at the same thing over and over again. Your Poppy and Mancy signature are just stunning, I love everything abou
  14. hiii eggie, is there any chance i can snag you for a giant eraser req? it's just to resize an icon for that set you made me :')

    1. ClearPlastic


      yes of course!! i don't mind at all :)

    2. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      you're a wizard <3 i'll put it up at some point today :)

  15. hey bex, just letting u know that I've linked you the stock you were looking for on the What's That Stock? thread :)

    1. beyond the rain

      beyond the rain

      i've just seen, thank you so much!! <3

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