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  1. HELLO I love your stuff for reals tho. favourite piece is +this. I saw it in the poll and wondered who made it and it was YOU <3 I never really got the hang of those vertical banners! and you have two really nice ones icons are the devils tool but I'd like to see you add some!! In general your text is pretty fab! I really like how the text on all your banners has a different feel. +this & +this are both very creative! the only thing is some of the smaller text can be a bit pixally/hard to read. Your blending is really good, the hard cuts are really well done. so yeah
  2. HELLO!! Thankyou SHONA <3 I forgot I had a gallery mostly. cleaned some stuff out. added some new horrible sigs! MIGHT ADD MORE WHO KNOWS~ thankyou for all those previous comments I never replied to because I'm a bad person really lazy

    1. Kirjava


      Since when did you need my help?! Woman are you CRAZY you're amazing!

    2. misfit


      I was going to do that animal print challenge and then.. it really didnt wanna go that way rofl~ IT KEEPS CHANGING THO. im so indecisive

    3. Kirjava


      well there's nothing wrong with it changing! Let it go the way it wants and you can always do that blend on another attempt :D


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    2. Kirjava


      The evils of work >.< But find your style againnnn!!! Cos you cannnn and you will and I can't wait to see your graphics again :D I've been doing the same - drowning in work. Came back to TDA in March so trying to sette back into it ^_^ lol thank you! Haha

    3. misfit


      sadly colouring is suffering is my style :P ive always hated colouring. i use 100s of textures to hide it haha

    4. Kirjava


      Lol!! In that case...texture away and come back :D

  5. hello tda its been a while~

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. misfit


      yay! names I actually recognize~ and thankyou!

      I'm very good floral, you?

    3. floralprint


      that's good to hear! I'm well, hope to see you around! :)


  6. making a petition to ditch colouring so people don't realize i don't know how to anymore

  7. Name: Lauren Tumblr: http://daxee.tumblr.com/ Twitter: (rarely used) https://twitter.com/zombierabbits Skype: (I live on here) Squiggless_ Other: If you add me on skype, mention you're from here
  8. MERRY CHRISTMAS LAUREN! <3 http://i.imgur.com/fsfpt6t.png

    1. misfit


      thank you! Merry Christmas to you too :D

  9. Your sig is Jared Leto. And I am resident TDA Jared Leto. So we must marry.

    1. misfit


      Oh - Oh my... This is so sudden.

    2. Ande
  10. Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas <3 - http://i.imgur.com/9njly.png

  11. congrats on the staff mod! :D the teal looks good on you ;) -vee

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