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  1. holy crap 1.56 GB!!!!

    1. seraphine.


      ya... i think bc there are so many images and many of them are quite large

      maybe i should have split it up into a few volumes, haha :P

    2. legendson


      maaaaaaybe :P but thaaaaanks <3 I have new stock thank to you!

    3. seraphine.


      yay, enjoy! i hope you find it useful <3

  2. *poke* remember me? /hides

    1. seabear


      Ak! <3 How're you doiiing!

    2. legendson


      I'm fiiiine! You?! It's been an age!

  3. Hello! Just dropping by to tell you that I adore your work <3

    1. milominderbinder


      omggg, thanks so much! that's so sweet <33

    2. legendson


      just saw this :|


  5. aargh it turned out a lot darker than I intended. this was the only decent image I could find of him, sorry! :hides: feel free to re-request, or ask for changes. though, for the latter, if you could get me a usable image (not the one you've provided) I wouldn't mind trying again. hope it's alright
  6. AKKKKKK!!! you are here to stay forever i hope

    1. legendson


      hullooooo! *hides* i'm just popping in bc I'm home for a bit and dabbling in PS. I'm going to try to stay (sane) <3

  7. THIS IS PERFECT. You're perfect. Ily Will rehost and credit fosho ❤😘
  8. [b]Size:[/b] 500x200 [b]Images:[/b] any recent ones of sebastian stan [b]Text:[/b] cut the cheque [b]Color Preferences:[/b] blues, greys [b]Preferred Mood:[/b] goofy [b]Link to Place to be Used & Link to Screencap:[/b] [url=http://the-dark-arts.net/forums/index.php?showuser=9515]my profile[/url] b]When was the last time you requested this graphic? (on [i]any[/i] site):[/b] cannot remember. it's been a while though! [b]Additional Information:[/b] am I doing this right? I've completely forgotten how this works. If I'm wrong, feel free to whack me!
  9. hiii! this is rly lame but i replied to you in the spam and i think you missed my post so i just wanted to come and introduce myself! i'm hannah i was like umm MA back in 2011ish and I took a break in 2013 so i doubt you remember me at all but i was Inexplicable back then! i'm glad to see you back I hope you stick around :)

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      oh no worries! it happens, and it was an easy fix :P

    3. legendson


      aah idk! i'm on vacation after a whole year and i'm jetting off to the hills for a week. but yeah, hopefully once I get back. I want to. Idk if I can though *hides*

    4. wildest dreams.

      wildest dreams.

      omg have fun on your holiday! but if it helps you at all i came back after two years of NOTHING last year and once you get rid of that rust it's super fun ^_^ you can totally do it trust meee <33

  10. hellooo i'm way too excited to see you back :'D i'm clarity./jade in case this name change gets you :P

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. legendson


      nooo, it's for here though? so I thought no screencap needed?

    3. page thirteen.

      page thirteen.

      yeah that's fine :'D hannah/wildest dreams. is my best buddy so i just watch her do RA stuff and learn from that :||

    4. legendson


      haha yeah. she fixed my request too :P

  11. AK!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!! <3333

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    2. arielle!


      Please stay. I was LITERALLY telling my mom about "my friend in India" yesterday.

      Then you just APPEAR :D

    3. legendson




      Haha, I'll try. But I have a job now which I have NO IDEA what I'm doing in so.. LOL


      I haven't made graphics in so long :|

    4. arielle!


      Oh I just came back this past Jan/february and I am working through my rust SO MUCH.

      After a year "rusty" doesn't quite describe it.

      My signatures pretty much sucketh.

  12. Name: AK Tumblr: madcrazypsycho.tumblr.com Twitter: @geddit_ Skype: aaka.srini Other: --
  13. LIZZIE!!!

    1. arielle!




      How are you??

    2. legendson


      I'm gooooood! Working now, so not online a lot. You?

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