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  1. congrats, katlynn & thank you! <33
  2. congrats on grad school kara! <3

    1. klutzy_kara


      ahhh thank you so much kristina! i haven't figured out the financials yet (yikes) and still waiting to hear from my top school but i'm excited for the next chapter of life! how are things with you? <33

    2. callisto


      it'll all come together, I'm sure (: and fingers crossed for your top school! they're good, mostly trying to figure out the next chapter of life too lol basically i finished all those pesky general education things for college but i've seriously been stuck with what i actually want to major in for like 5+ years lol <33

  3. thanks so much for the squee, ess! you're a doll <3

  4. Thank you so, so much for the secret santa gifts & I hope you have a happy new years! ♥

    1. lucida.


      Ah Im glad you like them <3 happy new years to you too!

  5. Great read and the layout is utterly gorgeous! <3
  6. taylor swift's new song is everything <3

    1. panacea.


      i usually like her music and i'm surprised with this one. it sounds a bit choppy?

    2. callisto


      yeah, part of it. I didn't actually like it the first listen, but started to get hooked after the second one

    3. klutzy_kara


      i thought the lyric vid was so cool and made me like the song more but the first few times i did not like it at all. it's definitely not my fave of hers but it does grow on you lol

  7. jordan! how are you & baby doing? <3

    1. amoretti


      hi love! i'm good & he's still wriggling around inside me :( 4 weeks until he's due now and it can't come quick enough. hope you're okay <3

    2. callisto


      that's grand to hear! oh gosh 4 weeks, how exciting ♥ and i'm good too (:

  8. Your current set is everythingggg ♥

  9. beyond the rain - thank you so much, bex! you're just so sweet. it means so much especially from my favorite stock muse <3
  10. Thank you so so much for all you've done, Julia! You've been such an incredible mod and admin & we will all greatly miss you <33 Good luck with your new job!
  11. treacle tart - kaitlin you're forever the sweetest <3 the nerves are on now lol seriously such a pinch me moment though haha but look who's talking on the growing part! totes proud of you my lil!
  12. Hi Raven, I'm Kristina! I really love all your textures, they're some of my favorites. Welcome to TDA & can't wait to leave a comment in your gallery since your graphics are always so utterly lovely
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