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  1. callisto

    New Coder!

    congrats, katlynn & thank you! <33
  2. happy belated birthday, bex! <3
  3. happy belated birthday, lydia! <3
  4. let me know if it needs any changes or you're more than welcome to re-open if this isn't what you were looking for. if not, re-host & credit callisto @ TDA
  5. congrats on grad school kara! <3

    1. klutzy_kara


      ahhh thank you so much kristina! i haven't figured out the financials yet (yikes) and still waiting to hear from my top school but i'm excited for the next chapter of life! how are things with you? <33

    2. callisto


      it'll all come together, I'm sure (: and fingers crossed for your top school! they're good, mostly trying to figure out the next chapter of life too lol basically i finished all those pesky general education things for college but i've seriously been stuck with what i actually want to major in for like 5+ years lol <33

  6. happy belated birthday!
  7. happy belated birthday!
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