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Moderator & Admin Contact List

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Here is a quick rundown of moderator and coordinator positions. All moderators and coordinators are chosen by the admins, and can be of any rank. You can find a current list of them +here.

Staff Moderators

These are global moderators. Many focus on specific areas of the forums, but they are all able to answer questions about any area of the site.

Advertising Moderator

These section moderators are in charge of monitoring advertisements posted on TDA as well as posting our advertisements off-site.

DA Digest Editor

These newsletter editors help coordinate the monthly (or seasonal) Dark Artist Digest which provides statistics and news about what's going on at TDA.

LGMS Co-Ordinator

These event coordinators must be either moderators of any rank or graduate/master artists, and run and co-ordinate TDA's sitewide challenge, Last Graphic Maker Standing (LGMS).  

Social Media Manager

These social media managers coordinate TDA's social media sites, currently including our +tumblr, +twitter, and +deviantart pages.



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