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Moderator & Admin Contact List

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If you are having any problems with the site and you cannot find your answer in the FAQs, then here is a list of names you can PM depending on your problem. :)

Please take note of the contact's last activity date on their profile so that you know you will get an answer as soon as possible.

contact about accounts, violation reports, and major site-wide problems
Head: golden.
ForgottenFace (also skin issues and forum technical issues)
miss atomic bomb.

Staff Moderators
contact about violation reports, topic edits, moving topics, and general help
full list of Staff Moderators

Area Moderators
contact about any issues within a specific area of the forums

Request Moderators
Head: Lady Plantagenet

Challenge Moderators
Head: miss atomic bomb
LGMS: abhorsen., judges

UFG and Resource Moderators
Head: saturn.

Critique Moderators
Head: abhorsen.

Off-Topic Moderators
Head: snicket!

Vault Moderators

DA Digest Editors

Edited by starbuck.

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