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FIRST hahahaha


Look at me, all shiny and FIRST in kristy's gallery :'D

And such a gorgeous one too ;_____;

You know, you can be paid just to lower people's self esteem

By putting your prettiest in front of them.

No seriously, how do you do it kristy?

Your blends are avsolutely amazing, everything about your

Chapter images is perfect. How the bloody ehoswiths do you graphic?


I also spot some of the CI's you made for me. Mwahaha.

Anyways :P

I love your stuff, so please never stop, Kay?


Edited by VeeKAY

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SECOND brb :loves:


Hi :) I love your style so much :wub:

My favorites are this ci and this banner.

I love how you make things both dark and shiny at the same time (fangirling)


Keep being awesome :glomp::hug:


Edited by charme.

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^That ain't even right. Second is the one people clammer for. Just puttin that out there.



Edit: well crappit. Me thinks I am third?

*waits for someone to snag third*




Kristy I love it!!!!!!!!!!

I love the style of your new gala, I LOVE th blue that is everywhere.

(I adore me some blue hues)

And most of all, I ADORE you and your magnificent work my dear!

I love to come in here and look at your works. they are so soft and beautiful.

Please never stop making them.



Edited by flufferlie

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insert random number here :P


*is bad at being a timely editor*



Um, I'm not sure if I should repeat the same things everyone above and below me has written. :P But anyway, I love the new layout and all of your graphics, of course. ^_^ AND THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF FINE MEN. :creepy: Tom Hardy! :fangirl:


So don't ever ever ever quit TDA. :cry: We need your inspiration, badass moderating skills (that word is allowed, right? :ph34r:) , and the rdj/th/jgl/othergreatmen graphics to oogle over. :sean:


Wendy :evil:

Edited by avalanche

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HAHAHAHHHA! I got on the first page of Kristy's shiny, new gallery! <333333







I want your style. <3 It's so lovely. You make the best stuff, really. It's so glossy and unique, and I think my jaw drops every single time I see something you made. --> :drop:


I'm kind of obsessed with your Eames blend, and that Draco sig.



I'm just going to set up my tent now and stay forever. Never stop making pretties!




Edited by magnifique.

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FIRST PAGE!... well fine... if I must...


no but honestly Kristy. You are a graphics goddess!

everything you make just... flows.

nothing looks hastily thrown together or awkwardly placed...

it's like everything is made in a dream state...

wait, that needs further explanation...

it's like... like everything you make is imagination,

all wispy and soft put into graphic form,

okay, I realize that probably made even less sense but alas :/


Still, if I ever gain even half the talent you posses I shall be happy.

if you ever stop making graphics I shall be very unhappy. Don't ever. ever. stop.


on a more specific note... those signatures :drop:

Edited by AstoriaViana

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:drop: omg you guys! i wasn't expecting all of this. :blush: you have me speechless atm. :P i hope y'all are proud of yourselves.


veekay: ummm, lots and lots of practice? i've been using ps for almost 4 years now. :P i would hope i would have learned something by now. xD but thank you, vee. i'll keep making stuff, though don't be surprised if it leans heavily towards my obsessions. :wub:

charme.: aww thank you brielle! :blush: tbh i have no idea how they get so shiny. xD it just happens. *shrugs*

flufferlie: liiiiiiz! :glomp: thank you, hun! :blush: that means a lot to me. i need to try other colors besides blue. :P though, tbh i love blue, too. xD hence why my gallery headers are that color. :P

magnifique: :blush: thank you, julie! hopefully i won't disappoint you. xD and i really have no idea how it gets shiny. it just happens. :P

astoriaviana: shhhh grace! :blush: i have no idea what to say. tbh i do a lot of experimenting with placement, and i like things to flow together, to tell some sort of story. xD but i know what you mean. :hug:


hopefully new gallery means i'll keep up with comments. xD but if not, know that i love them, and they all make my day a little brighter. even if i don't respond to them on time. :P


and while i'm at it, added two new tom hardy banners. :hide: no, not obsessed at all.....

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Why have I not posted in here before? D: *glares at self*

You have such a gorgeous gallery, Kristy. Your current signature is divine, and those icons are simply brilliant. I wish I could make blends like you. They scare the crap out of me, but you OWN them like nobody's business. And I'm not complaining about the amount of Tom Hardy in here. HNGGGGG. ♥ Keep rocking, lovely! :wub:

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I am so in love all of your work, your banners and your blends and your chapter images and your sigs and your icons and just everything.


I love +this and +this especially. Tom Hardy is beautiful and so is your graphics and I hope you never stop making them because I adore them.

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:blush: you guys are really too kind. :P


cosmic muffin: :glomp: gill! i don't know why you haven't been here. :P then again this gallery is kinda new. figured it was time for an overhaul. blends aren't quite as scary as you think. :P it just takes finding the right images, and textures. but thank you, darling! :hug:


bittersweetsymphony: :blush: thank you! tom hardy makes such a lovely graphic subject, and i can't help but want to use him in my graphics. xD but i shall try to keep making graphics. even if it's just one at a time. ^_^


and the gallery has been updated with a new signature. i hate being in a rut, but hopefully i can work through it. >.<

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I'm in love with everything you do Kristy! :wub:

Your graphics are so gorgeously polished and shimmery and lovely and I honestly can't even find the words to describe them :P

The way you use stock and textures is so real and out of this world. Although I guess that's kinda contradictory. xD

It all looks so magically put together with your to-die-for composition and colouring and I wish I could just camp here in your gallery forever. :yes:

I swear, you make Tom Hardy and JGL look 19273847398 times better than they usually do...which is something amazing because they already look fantastic on their own. xD

Your gallery is beautiful Kristy, please don't ever stop. :wub:



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Wow, I absolutely love everything you've done. I think my favorites are definitely your signatures, but your blends are just gorgeous as well.


And..And..I just can't express how much I love your work it's so...amazing and wonderful and just....gah!


It's amazing~

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Hwiefohwf your new stuff is AMAZING. I've already told you how much I adore your style but I'll say it again - it's so beautiful and soft and fresh. I LOVE the textures and the colouring on your graphics, it just blows my mind how you put them all together. I drool at everything XD esp the Tom Hardy ones! And that Andrew Garfield sig! So pretty <3 you have epic skills mi amor! I can't wait to see more of your work :wub:

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Gads, Kristy! Your style keeps getting better and better! I love that soft, layered look you achieve, and your rich coloring is truely spectacular and elegant! Just save a bit of the talent pills for the rest of us, dearie!!! And keep the pretties coming! :wub:

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:blush: omg, you guys are too nice! i don't even know what to say. :P


broken&blue: :hug: thanks, sheryl! i love using tom & joe - they make such lovely subjects. and if i told you my secret, i'd have to kill you. :P but i shall try not to stop making graphics.


blankpainting: thank you! not sure why they make you speechless, but i appreciate the compliment. ^_^


daisy_showers: thanks! wish i could say it was talent, but it's not. :P just two years of hard work and determination. ;)


sneggy: aww, thanks! :glomp: i just try to make them like little scenes, or one big scene. xD that's really all there is to it. that, and you can't treat textures any differently than stock. :P but thank you!


althea: andrea! :glomp: i wish i could explain how i get it. i just throw stuff together and see what happens. and you don't need my talent skills! your graphics are amazing in their own right! :wub:


:hug: thanks guys. i love these comments, and after a very hectic week, it is a nice way to start out my weekend. ^_^ and since i was here, i added a new banner. not sure wth is going on with my graphics, but i guess i should just go with the flow, and not worry about it. :P

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Kristyyy! Your gallery is amazing! I'm pretty sure I stared at that first banner for a few minutes :P Seriously though, I love your style so much. I'm really jealous :edward: You should definitely keep going with the flow because they are awesome. Keep making pretties!

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