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How to Use TDA's Forums

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Welcome to The Dark Arts! Here is a simple guide to using the forums. :)


After registering and having your account validated, you will see this screen:




If you want to request a graphic, then keep scrolling down to find the request forums. For help with requesting, go to How to Make a Request.


However, most of TDA is devoted to making graphics. If you are new to graphics and want to try making them yourself, you can learn how to make them in Tutorial Central and receive assistance or suggestions from other artists in the Critique Corner. You can find resources for making graphics, such as pictures and fonts, in the Swap Meet.


At the bottom of the forum's main page, you can find the Off-Topic area for games, polls, and discussions of all types of things. There is also a small advertising area for other forums.


No matter what, always remember to read the rules of each area before posting.



You can access your profile like this:



When you click on "My Settings" you will see this screen:



Please note the following rules when you add an icon/avatar, signature, and About Me page:

  1. Avoid all personal information (your last name or your full name, your address, any images of yourself, or links to any websites that display this information such as twitter, facebook, etc.)
  2. Icons/avatars cannot be larger than 100x100 and must be smaller than 25kb in size.
  3. Signatures cannot contain more than 3 images (to a total of 500x200) and 2 links to a total length of 4 lines in the editor.
  4. Keep all images at a PG-13 rating. No nudity, R-rated language, or excessively violent images.

When you change your icon, you may have to hit the refresh button a few times before it appears.



Should you want to send a message (PM, or private message) to another member, then you can do so like this:



When you click on "Compose New Message" you will get this screen:



From there, simply write the message and send it off. All replies made to the message will appear in a single "thread" so that you can easily keep track of them. All regular members may keep up to 50 separate messages in their mailbox.



If you need any additional help, feel free to post in the Q&A forum. :)

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How to Make & Edit Topics or Posts

This forum software is rather different from that used on other forums, so although this may seem like the most basic of basic tutorials, it should still be helpful for newbies and oldies alike. :)

To begin, here is how you can make a topic:

Once you've clicked on "Start New Topic", you get the following screen. This tutorial image is made especially for requests, but you can see how it would work for other kinds of topic too.

Because the title and description are what other members will see on the list of topics, they have to be clear and concise. For galleries, many artists use decorative titles, but we ask that all artists put the last date of update (when you last made a change to your gallery - adding, removing, or altering your collected graphics) in their topic description. This way, it's easy for us to see who is still active.

Adding a post to a topic is even easier. At the top right of each topic, you will see this button:

Now, what if you want to make a change to your topic after it's already posted?

Go into your topic and scroll down until you can see your signature (at the bottom of your post):

Once you click on "Edit", you will get the following screen:

Only on the "Use Full Editor" screen can you change your topic title or description. But on this "quick edit" screen, you can change everything else within your post.


Should you make a topic that you later want deleted, you must ask a moderator to do so. In the Requesting Arena, simply make a new post to have your request deleted. For topics in other areas of TDA, you have to fill out the form here and wait for a moderator to come along and delete it for you.

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