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whatever a sun will always sing is you

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Haha yes.


*Pokes around cool new layout*


Ah Sheryl your colouring is so pretty and soft and you know just hhnnngg <3

I love your first banner so much, the text especially :wub:

And well I just love all of your banners period. :P

I don't think you'll be staying senior for long! :happy:

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& it's so pretty ♥

I am so totally in love with your first and last banner

you have no idea how much, girl :loves:


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Sheryl :glomp:Snagging third place, will edit later :happy:

So about three months later and I finally edit, still, I heard it's better late than never<3


You know I love your work :drop: It's amazing and your style is so soft and pretty and just :loves: I'm often stalking your gallery so don't be surprised if you see me in here :lol: Everything about your work is perfection but your sigs and your blends are just pure drool worthy :wub: I know I said this by Pm but congrats on FA it really is so well deserved and hope to see you as Staff soon :wub::hug:

Edited by Amaretto'

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fourth, will edit. :sean:



everything is so pretty. I can just stare at them all day. :loves:

I especially love the first banner, last banner, and first set of icons. :wub:

how to you color? share the talent, please. :cry:

and you style is just amazing. :drop:

I would keep ranting on how awesome you are but then you would get bored(and I would get that error message again about using too many emotions)! :silly:


Anyway keep up the good work. :thumbup:

(I hope you get grad soon) :hug:


-Sama :penguin:

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SHERYL. HI. first of all, holy crap. i edit this one year later.

there's obviously something wrong with me.

*shakes head* and for that, im sooooooooo sorrry. D:

but seriously though, how could i forget since YOUR GALLERY IS GORGEOUS ASFDFGHJKLASDFJEUBCI.


everything here is so so so soft and pretty and so beautiful, ugh. :(

i swear, those icons will be the death of me.

i just- i just love the way you color and your compositions are so perfect.



i will now back away slowly before i embarras myself further. thank you.

-anna. <3

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aww, but sixth is still okay :)


your new gallery is so pretty!

and so is all the stuff in it :loves:

especially your banners *drools* and that first icon set

let me steal your colouring please? :hug:

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okay i've calmed down a bit now since i realized i got lucky number seven :happy:


(actually keep making pretties please :loves: )

-cue end of spazztastic comment- :edward:

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I GET NUMBER 6? this is unacceptable. :(


I just LOVE your style. It's just so amazing and SOFT and bright and gahhhhh <3 The layout is so coooool and has inspired me to do my layout fancily to... after I finish my uni work -___-





Ak xxx

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still made it into top 10 although I wish I had been first! CURSE YOU ELLIE!!!! :P lol
will edit later!

WHY SHERYL? WHY???????????? why are you so talented? :worship: I love the new gallery (even though I wanted to be number one to post here) :P and I love how soft your graphics are! :wub: it's amazing how much softness there is and it's amazing how you can make them so soft and gorgeous!!! :wub: there aren't enough words to say that you're one of my favourite artists and I have my fingers crossed for you in these promos! :D though I know you'll be a staff in no time so keep making more amazing and beautiful graphics for us to drool over! I promise I'll clean my drool after! :P haha lol ILYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SHERYLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! thougb you already know that! :P:hug: ^

P.S: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship: :worship:

Edited by prometheus

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I got 1+0! :P which is pretty awesome, you know? ;)


will edit!


ugh your graphics are just so gorgeous. I love your style, and the softness in your graphics is just to die for. :worship: Stop hogging the talent, will you? ;) Keep making pretties, you know I'll be back to stalk.




p.s. love the new layout :D

Edited by avalanche

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*will be back very soon to edit of course*

well, this isn't very soon but in my defense i had to find the proper gifs, so there.




So... Jamie has a mustache... and he loves your gallery.


Really though Sheryl. Stop it with the constant awesomeness, it is unacceptable.

That Saphire banner *dies* whateven?

Your colouring is so unique and soft and lovely and magnificent and wondrous and...

I'll stop now, you get the point.


Also, that 'light' banner. I want.


Your composition, your text placement, your blending...

I'm just gonna go die now.

Tell Jamie I love him and should he feel like it I wouldn't mind him having a word with the Angel and bringing me back so I can elope with him... you know.


Back to you though! Sheryl, you are a graphic godess,

and I must reiterate that you are one of my top favourite artists on this site.

Yup. Be jealous everybody else because Sheryl? She is



I shall go now.. but first...


Edited by AstoriaViana

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Everything in here is so beyond perfect. Everything is light and pretty and soft and just <333

Keep it up, girlie :)

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Your layout is bombtastic, and I'm loving all your soft coloring! :loves:

Your banners and that header....*jaw is agape*

Maybe someday I'll discover your secrets..

It'd also be also cool to see some darker coloring in your gallery :)

Keep making prettehs for usssss :hug:

-Ash ^_^

Edited by playcrackthesky

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I fell in love with your sig in the PYLC thread and had to come and check out all your other pretties!! :happy:

I love your soft style its very girly and pretty, and I really like your colouring, especially on your icons! My favourite is your Riddle Banner but all of them are just so beautiful.

Keep up the fantastic work, I can't wait to see more from you! :fangirl:

~ Gemma

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Hey Sheryl, I'm here with your requested critique :)

Actually I'm kinda flattered you would ask for my critiques, everything you have here is so pretty and shiny :P


Anyway, I'll do my best ^_^


Contrast is not an issue for the style you have developed, so don't stress over it.

You are right about the sharpening thing, though. It's not that the graphics are LQ, it's more like they couls be juast a little bit crisper.

Though I usually don't recommend it, the Topaz clean filter is actually very useful in defining those little details and at the same time give a better aesthetical result than most sharpening filters.

Of course, it has to be used in a low opacity, and my favorite mode is CrispStyle ^_^ (every setting really low!)


If you don't wanna/can't use that, then you'll have to go with the ol'fashioned sharpening too and Unsharp Mask filter, which will do the trick just as fine.


Another thing is that even though you do not abuse text, you do tend to use really large fonts. Sometimes less is more ;) I'm not saying that the end result is bad, but before you place the text, ask yourself "does it need to have text this big? Does it even need text in the first place?" Sometimes I've come to realise that text can be just a detail. An image does, indeed, speak a thousand words.


That's about it! I love how you use the light in your work, and everything you make is so soft :loves:


Finally, I think your weakest graphics are these (for no other reason that that they are just not as good as the rest): your top CI and the bottom blend (text is kinda overpowering on that one)


I hope this helped. PM me for questions! :D

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this isn't cool. new gallery, and you didn't let me get first.





but omg sheryl, what are you taking? why are your graphics so pretty? It's not fair, kay?

you are amazing, and you and your pink... *tuts* :P

I love your banners, so much! :D your colouring is so soft, and lovely ><

rub off the talent on me, KAY? NO ONE NEEDS TO GET HURT.

this comment, would have been longer.

the problem is, im not first.


D: ilu



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Hello there, it's Lily. :D


What I find unfair is that you get to be so amazing and awesome at graphic making, when I'm not!

Your colouring is so soft and pretty and enchanting, and I could just look at your graphics forever!

I absolutely adore everything, especially your icons, banners, sigs, and the 2nd chapter image.

Everything is just so beautiful and enchanting and brilliant!!

Imma go do my French revision now, but I'll definitely come back to look at your graphics some more later!



~Lily xx

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