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The Dark Arts

...a melody that climbs and then falls

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Vanya. ;_;


Been doing this intermittently since 2012.

My style aka searing people's eyeballs off




































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First yay!


Hi Vanya! Your work is so beautiful, I add practically everything you make to my inspiration folder. :wub:

This is my favourite banner, the colouring and composition and dramione all just make it so perfect :loves:

Your composition on everything is stunning, I just can't even begin to comprehend how you do it. *-*

And your colouring is so... I dunno the word... Deep? xD And full. And just beautiful. :loves:

I love your gallery. I love you. That's sort of weird, sorry. :3



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okay second. that's fine with me too :P

I admire your style so much, Vanya! :loves: Every graphic of yours looks dreamlike, or rather

like a fairytale. It seems like there is a story to everything in here, your graphics are so detailed

and, just, wonderful. Your coloring, imo, is the most unique and beautiful there is on this site -

and that's saying something, considering the amounds of great artists here.

Your filtering is so perfect, especially for your style, and your composition - WOW.

Banners, CI's, sigs - you have the most amazing comps, simply beautiful and perfect. :wub:

I really just love your graphics and I'll never know how you do it, especially how you

manage it to give them that magical appearance. :worship:

I'm such a big fan of your work! <3


- Leo :hearts:

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Guest dehlles

Third will edit later ;)


Hey Vanya! :D


Wow, everything here is incredible! Your composition is awesome and your coloring is explosive!!! XD How do manage such magic? :drop: Are you using a magical program>???? If so... what is it??? I gotta have it. Or are you talents magical??? Hm... I'll investigate. :hide: behind the shadows at least.


Well make more explosive beauties! ^_^ I'll be back again!

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I really love your colouring style and your composition. You know how to use stock without making things too cluttered, your text compliments your graphics instead of being in the way and you make things look really colourful without making it look overcoloured. One of these days you should really teach me your secrets, haha. Awesome gallery!


- Enya

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I think I should start by saying how happy I am right now.




Words cannot describe :P


Omg Vanya, you're so awesome, and like, you're a goddess. YOUR COLOURING! :O It's so vibrant and magical and so...you xD And your comp too, you make it look so effortless- damn girl, you got talent! I would say share some of it with me, but I'd probably abuse it :P

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MINE :sean:


ahhhh, vanya!


your style is just so sdjghasldjgaslf.

the use of bright colours, added with the stock, gives it such a texturesque feel.

and that composition! i am in total awe :D


can i please have whatever you're having?


i shall be back laterzz :shiftyeye:


-Sankavi :caren:

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7th! will edit! ;)


VANYAAAAAA!!!! YOU MADE A NEW GALLERY!!!! :drop: every graphic you make is just out of this world! I wish I had your skills to make composition and colour as well because your style is sooo unique and sooo beautiful! :wub: please share the talent pills with the rest of us... :P anyway keep being awesome and keep making more gorgeous graphics!!! :worship: :fangirl: you're awesome but you already know that! :P

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Wow, just wow! Your graphics are just perfect and so inspiring. The style of your graphics is so creative and so flawless, and everything is just ahhhh. How do you do it? You're definitely a big inspiration <3 my favourite is probably your new astrid banner or the exorcist ticket stub, they're so cool!

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your are insanely good at graphics.

like I have to stop myself from bowing down on the floor you walk.

:worship: :worship: :worship:

your coloring is very vibrant and eye catching.

& your stock use and comp just work out really well.

there are a lot of components to every graphic you make but you mange it without making it look cluttered. :wub:

this+ & this+ are just omfg. like can I have them? :silly::loves:

teach me your ways, please?



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this is absolutely crazy girl, i'm so far down the page :cry:


but anyways, you're so amazing I could cry

i remember when you were a member artist

and i wasn't even making graphics at that time

but i still remember the absolutely amazing graphics you made :wub:

& you've only gotten even more incredible<3


i'm honestly just sitting here speechless

because everything you make is beautiful.

end of story.


but really, your colouring is so vibrant and in depth

& your stock use and composition is the most stunning thing ever :loves:

you are the biggestttt inspiration to me and one of my favourite artists♥


& this+ and this+

um wow, if my graphics actually looked as gorgeous as that,

i'd be the happiest person on earth


i absolutely adore everything you make, please don't ever ever ever stop

love youuuu♥

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@ellie: No, that was not weird at all! Because, I love your style so much and for you to say that

you add me to your inspiration folder is just :edward: - *squees loudly and jumps

around* Awww, thank you and ily for being so kind :glomp:


@Leo: LEO, thank you! You know, you are always so nice to me

, but I always forget to drop by your gallery /islazy/ :tongue:. You love

my composition when I'm not even a teeny bit creative? When

you faar outstrip me in style? You wonderful, amazing person, you!

Thank you for dropping by again! :hug:


@Alishya: will edit haha, thank you! You're so sweet! <3 Cheers for dropping by!


@Enya: Enya commented on my gallery? *hyperventilates from excitement*

EEEEP, thank you for being so lovely and compliment-y (is that a word?...) !


@Aisha: edittt. :glomp: thank you for being so nice! I'm blushing right now :blush:


@Sankavi: Aw, thank you! I'm not that special for you to be in awe :blush: In

fact, if you were to look at my psd, you'd probably be disappointed by the randomness (which

is why I've so much difficulty writing a tutorial despite wanting to

do that for ages! *digresses*) Anyway, thank you! :D


@ Sofia: thankyouthankyouthankyou! You are so kind! *finds the nearest squish-able thing in excitement and squishes*

*kitten leaps away and hisses* *sulks*


@nadia: will edit! Really? I'm an inspiration? *bawls from happiness*. That is so exciting to hear, considering you are one of my more favourite and inspiring artists :hugs:


@Sama: will edit when you dooo :loves: You are so sweet! Thank you! *bounces* I can't even -- thankyou for the wonderful comment! :hearts:


@Sheryl <3: Ily, you amazing person, you! I remember when we were member artists together too! I do, I do *bounces* and we both entered

that MA challenge together- ermm..the two banner one... whatever :P

Hush! If I could make as brilliant graphics as you, you'd already gone to heaven, beat that, ha! :creepy:


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I just don't understand how your colouring exists. Like, seriously, is it from a can? It's just crazy! It's nothing like what there is on tda. Your work is just pure fantasy, unrelenting and gorgeous. One thing I should say is that with your mindblowing colouring, it takes away your composition, as that vibrant colouring you do so well is the focal point. I have to say, your first and last banners and the one with Naomi Watts (i forget numbers;P) are my favourites, and with the first one especially that's to do with your composition, it's just mindblowing, i could talk all night about it :) I think that that's one thing you could do, is tone down colourings where you have interesting compositions.

And I'd say that for the balance in colouring and composition in your sigs are just spot on. I love how you cut off parts of faces or they blend into stock, it's fabulous, I wish I could do work like yours!

Most of the above was just nitpicking so you knew I wasn't just glorifying your work through rose tinted glass. It's awesome, basically. :)


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Okay omg. Your graphics never fail to amaze me. Like one look at them and I can just faint because they are that perfect! YOU are that perfect! I love everything about ur work; Your colouring, filtering, composition, text!! Everything!! And your new gallery layout is so beyootiful, I just can't okay. -sobbing- Oh. And I will shamelessly admit that Im licking my screen right now. Ok. Right. Ily and keep making more lovely graphcis so as to grace the world with ur amazingness 8D


- Ally X

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Holy crap, Vanya. This is such an amazing gallery. Your talent makes me want to cry. Seriously. How do you use stock so well and color so perfectly? I don't understand. You must be magic. I want to pick a favorite, but I can't. I just want to hug all of these pretties to death.

Teach me to be awesome. Thanks<3

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Wow. I finally meet THE legendary Azimuth.


Hello there, Vanya! :) <<cool name by the way :P


And i must say your gallery definitely lives up to its name. It's so wonderful... Your stock use, colouring, style... EVERYTHING is WONDERFUUUUL.

It's like stumbling upon Wonderland, but even better. You're such an inspiration, honestly. Sometimes i even see your MA graphics circulating around the old squee threads, and even the current ones.


And they're so lovely, even though that was when you first started. I would die in peace if i even had 1 out of 50 of your talent.

Great job with your gallery! :D it's just awesomesauce.



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People: "Nothing's impossible"





you are so amazing I can't even deallllll

Your banners and your colouring and your stock

if you make a stock pack I will love you and cherish you and put you on a flibbingflobbing pedestal okay.


your last banner is my favourite thing in the whole world



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@keeley: will edittt :)


@Ally: Yay! Fellow Indian :creepy: heehee. Anyway, your

comment XD now that is an inspiration for me. It made me grin so wide,

my jaw hurts- thank you for that, ally :P EEP! (And I don't know if

you know Hindi, so ignore the following if you don't :P)

And seriously, tu to rehne hi de! Your style, your composition

skills make me drool. Woh haath humko dede thakur! :sean:

@isabel: EEP, thankyou! :glomp: :glomp: I can't teach you to be

awesome 'cause you already are. :sean: So there :P


@Avery: When I first read your post, I felt like swooning. Seriously, thank you for so many wonderful compliments! I don't even know how to form a coherent reply! :heart:


@VEE! : :glomp: Oh please vee, I could never do what you do! :loves: But thankyouuuuuu! :loves:

As for a stock pack, I've thought about making one, but the truth is, I have very few images that are not already in other stock packs. Truly! But I'm collecting new ones, and when I have a sizeable amount, I'll post one fo' sho! :D

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