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En! :hug:

I think most people have said they like the middle one for the Felicity/Barry sig best so I should probably take the others out sometime. When I can be bothered opening photoshop to do it hehehe. AND I LOVE PURPLE. WHY ARE YOU BEING MEAN TO PURPLE? :P That CI was actually for a MA challenge, which I guess you probably don't have any need to keep up with anymore, hehehe. I didn't think four people would be possible either. Yeah, I liked the one without stock, but it's only in existence because I didn't read the rules of the challenge properly the first time around. OOPS. I'll send you a link to the vines. :D

BYE SWEET VALENTINE. :hearts: Thanks for visiting!

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Hi Daisy darling!


I figured I'd come leave you a comment since you told me you completely cleaned out your gallery.


First of all your graphics are pretttyyyyyy :happy:


I know this is coming for a texture obsessed lady, but maybe you should try experimenting with stock? All of the textures you use are wicked similar, and I think you could do some really interesting things with stock ;)Check out different types of textures if you don't want to branch out from using textures (I know I sure don't).


Alright, that's all, this is lovely, you're definitely improving!!! Keep it up girlfriend!!!


xoxo Sarah

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Hi Sarah! :D:hiwave: When I start to fill my gallery up a bit, I'll hopefully start to get a bit more variety. All that I've got in here at the moment is what I made last night. *rushes to photoshop to start making more things* 've got so many stock packs and I need to start using them so they'll stop just gathering dust. Thanks for dropping by, lovely. :wub:
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Life is not fair.

I love your colouring and I think we should trade.

yes yes good thank you.


Make me more pretties that I can creep on.


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Thanks for being amazing. And you're even better at pretending to be nice than I am! :P One day I promise I'll actually improve and give you a proper reason to say nice things. One day.


En: omg I'm sorry I just can't stick to anything. I get sick of it after like five minutes and just toss it out again. Gah! But I did change the name of my gallery, yep! The Irish Potato Magic is all mine. Don't listen to what anyone else says, it's mine. The leprechauns gave it to me. :sean: Yeah, that's right.

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Hello fellow Sterek lover! I am here to shower your gallery with comments! :laugh:

... Lol, that was a very bad start! Anyway... hi Daisy! :hiwave: I thought I would stop by here after the sweet comment you left me on mine.

Your icons are lovely! :loves: :loves: I really like how you are experimenting with your cuts and the Ron and Hermione ones are adorable!! I can see that have started to use some textures which is great. Now the next step is playing around with adding text which you'll probably do wonderfully. It just takes some time to get used to the getting the size and placement correct. Also another thing I noticed, on your second set the image quality isn't the same in all of the icons. Some of them are more sharp than other (for example, the second one on the second row looks more sharpened than the third one on the second row). So that is something to look out for in the future. :)

Oh, I love, love, love the filtering on your banners. And the stock use is pure love! :fangirl: I really like the soft feel on all of them. You seem to be using a lot of curisve fonts (and you pull them off flawlessly) but it is good to try other types. It gives variety if you know what I mean.

Your chapter images are coming along rather well. I really like the idea of the first one and the coloring of the second is terrific! <33

I like the composition of the header you have up. I would watch out for the purple shadows since they almost become overpowering.

Overall, the graphics you have up there are GREAT and I can already see that you are bursting with potential. Right now, I would say experiment with coloring (you have a lot of green) and fonts and text placement.

~Sama :edward:

p.s. your green coloring is fantastic btw. like how can you pull off green that well?

p.s.s. hopefully I stop by again. sooner rather than later, I hope.

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hihihiii this is ari reporting for duty


like really randomly


but I really needed to say something and that is that HOLY YOUR FIRST ICON SET IS GORGEOUS <3 I honestly don't know how people make icons?? I love making them when I actually get around to, which is my point -- I'm so damn lazy opening a million gimp tabs and doing them all at once idk how people have time to make these 100x100 50 set icons who d o e s that man they're all sent down from heaven or something


omg I need to stop going off-topic


and making run-on sentences


clearly I don't bother with most punctuation when I'm not writing


anyway yes, they're super gorgeous and the cuts are awesome, the only thing I'd advise is to maybe not put the ones with more similar sizes & placement beside each other? the second & third icon in the second row are an example, but they're not as obvious as the fourth & fifth in that row, so that's something :3


I also love what you did with your second icon set, but a few of them look a bit lq to me? (or is it sharpened; I can't really tell on here but it's one or the other welp) same as the right girl's face on your azulive banner, though maybe that's just because I'm on my iPod, I dunno o>o


also your CIs are v cool but I think you should separate them with a few spaces because I totally thought they were a mix instead (unless they are a mix??? welp) those colors tho, and the comp on the left CI unf I don't even yo


the other thing I super love is that 'my last leg' banner! AND THAT ANIMATION VERSION TOO IS JUST PERF??? what even. the colors and comp on that is great!


I think I have short attention span today because I'm being distracted by fudge oops


anyway you should make more pretties okay (like sigs yes yes) and experiment with more colors and things and then you will be promoted in no time and it'll be awesome ~~~


good plan v good


/hands some fudge


- ari ❤ :")

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omg hi guys. :wub:


Sama: You're actually so lovely. :hearts: I hadn't noticed that about the quality in the icons, but since you and Ari both mentioned it I went and had a look and you're totally right. Oops. :( I'll be more careful next time! I'm too unobservant, I keep not noticing these things. Like I hadn't even noticed that everything was green! I was like "what? No, you're colorblind, Sama." But then when I looked you were right, everything is totally green omg. I made a banner today and it was not green :P but it wasn't very good so I didn't put it in here. But thank you so much for stopping by, you made my day! <3


Ari: I'm sorry, there was no punctuation so I had to read your whole post as one sentence and I don't understand. :P omg you're actually so sweet though. <3 Thanks for the tip about separating icons with similar cuts! Good idea! (and I feel kinda stupid for not thinking of it.) And omg those chapter images... I actually sized them down so that they'd only be 700 pixels across so they'd be flush with the banners and header because I'm kinda weird like that. I'll size them down a bit more (because heaven forbid they actually protrude :P) and put a gap in between. And signatures? WHAT ARE SIGNATURES? Nope, nope. No. (maybe.) I love you, thank you for stopping by. <3

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WHY HELLO THERE, MS. DAISY! :D I thought I'd come by to return the favor of a gallery critique because I haven't done one in ages, and you had such pretty stuff!

First off, let me just say that you are totally and completely on the right track - I know what beginning artists' work looks like when they are on track to fly through the ranks, and you for sure have work like this! So just keep doing what you're doing. I really love your first set of icons - I'm kind of a sucker for that 'cloudy' looking filter just because it's so stupidly simple but can make a graphic look SO GOOD. Some of your cuts/croppings on the icons are a little bit repetitive, but at the same time, you have some really eye-catching ones, too. Don't be afraid to experiment with icon placement because that's the most important part about icons! :D (arguably)


Your banners are just loooovely. You already have such an eye for composition - in fact, RIGHT off the top of my head with a single glance at your gallery, I can tell you that the one piece you can manage to lose and immediately up the quality of your gallery is the Dobby/Bellatrix one, only because what I love about your other banners is focal point and composition and that particular banner is not as strong in those areas :D Focal point is always hard for me, especially in banners because they're so narrow and I just want to shove all kinds of stuff in there haha.


Thank you so much for dropping by my gallery and I know I will be seeing more of you around soon ;)

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Hi Lindsey! Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment in my gallery. :wub: I'll keep in mind everything that you've said! I honestly don't know what to do about that banner you mentioned, though. Some people have told me it's my best so I've been getting really mixed opinions about it. Maybe I should just get rid of it so I won't get conflicting comments about it anymore! :P hehehe. Thanks again for dropping by! <3
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Wat up ladyface?!

Well aren't you just improving a LITTLE TOO FAST! Slow down. But no, not really, don't.

I feel like your icons are just delicious. They're definitely my fave things in your gallery. So purrrrdy <3

Also your banners are really good, too! Your bases, especially in the first two are so well developed.

And your blending on the third one especially is just perfect :loves:

Okay, before i go here's a few things to try playing with: contrast, lighting, vibrancy, and filtering.

So the first three are all kind of similar, and can really help give you graphics more oomph!

The last, I see that you're already filtering (?) but sometimes this might be a bit strong, as in sometimes it's making your images look lower quality than they are, and sometimes your skin tones look a leetle tooooo warm.

But those are the only really 'obvious' suggestions I have!

You seem to be sorting out the rest of your skills really quickly, so I'm sure it'll be no problemo ;)

+These are my faviest faves ever. +This has the most heavenly text. And +this has impeccable comp!

Luff u dayzee.

- Tilly

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HI TILLY. :P Stop calling me names. My face does not appreciate it.

Consider me playing with all those things you told me to play with! I'll give them a go and see what I can come up with. ^_^ Then I'll spam you with the results. I love you! Come back soon! ^_^

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first off, hi. second of all, nice title. and thirdly, mmm them gifs. i'm back with the critique that i said i would do...eventually. well here's your lucky day cause i guess its eventually. so here we go!


icons - first of all i love these. never stop making them cause you're just gonna get better and better. cuts are really good and you have a good use of textures. the thing i would work on would be to make sure you're more consistent between colouring/saturation/brightness/sharpness. one thing you could try is to magnify the icon that you're working on and do touch ups on the image you're working with. smoothe out any over-sharpened areas ect.


banners - i have to say these are pretty awesome and you can see and style beginning to emerge. with banners the thing to watch out for is blending when it comes to the textures and stock that you use. just be careful when blending out the lines and be careful when it comes to halos.


sigs - idk these are perfection. i mean what? and so not cause i'm biased either. i mean i could get nit picky and say i wish there were more going on in the background of the second one, but i like nit picking.


other - there is no other. you need to make more stuff.


hopefully i helped in some way, but if not, well i tried. have a nice day.

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Hi Daisy!


Sorry I've been lurking for ages, but I just saw that you updated your gallery and omg it all so beautiful! I'm so impressed with your icon skills but I think my favourite pieces are you 'We'll never have Paris' banner and the last Derek Hale sig - the animation and colouring on that piece is lovely!


Anyways, yes keep making pretty stuff so I can see it alll

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Hi Daisy,

Thank you so much for your critique on my gallery. I thought I would return the favor.


You have a beautiful Gallery. I like that your really showcase limited graphics in each section, it keeps your gallery really clean.


I love this+ set, its fnatastic. I may need to get your help on icons, I stink at those. I also really loved This+ Sig. You showcase good colorization and image placement.


Great work. I'm looking forward to seeing more.



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*breathes in, breathes out* weflwehfoergf omg, daisy, you are like insane. I feel like I've got whip lash given how fast you've improved. I seriously don't know how you weren't promoted, because this stuff is just asdpwejf. Yeah, I don't even know how to cope. It's perfect. The animation. The colouring. Everything. Gah, I just want to sit and here and squee all night because I can't take it in. I mean, if we got a banner from the beginning of Feb and compared to one here now people wouldn't think it was the same person because you've improved by a crazy amount. Yeah, I sound like a mad person, I know, I just don't know what to say other than if you're not promoted next month I don't know what to do with myself because your graphics are amazing! <333

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Krys: Thank you so much for taking the time to leave that critique. :wub: I'll try to put what you've said into practice and yes, I'll make some stuff for an 'other' category! :P hehehe. Probably heavily featuring Sterek, since it is Sterek month after all. Ha.


Esmee: Thanks so much for dropping by! :D Your comment was lovely! <3


Taylor: To be honest, the limited thing isn't so much out of design, as simply due to the fact that I haven't made much yet. :P I took all my old stuff out for the start of the month and I'm gradually filling it up again. So there will probably be more soon! Hopefully!


Kiana: Hi! :hiwave: Thank you for the lovely comment hun, you made my day. <3 I'm glad you think I'm improving! I've been very lucky that I've got a few awesome people who have been super duper helpful and have been such a massive asset. And you definitely do sound like a mad person, but that's always a good thing. :P

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