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crystal moccasins, bionic cheese

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c a l l e d i t :sean:




no but seriously i would think you were a staffie and your work is gorgeous <33 kEEP IT COMIN BB

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh wait, it's not your birthday... MERRY CHRISTMAS... No, wrong occasion again I think. Happy promo? Okay, I think I got it that time. On ya, Daisy (you bring out the bogan in me)!

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okay, who didn't see this coming??? DAISY, i am so so so happy you got promoted!

you deserve junior so much omg i didn't see all that many graphics from you for the

longest time and then out of nowhere SHA-BAM AMAZINGNESS. idk how you did it

but it would be the best if you shared and gave me some of your magic, 'kay? KAY.

because otherwise that is simply unfair. which totally isn't cool. anyway, enjoy junior

and your new blue because i have a feeling you're going to get promoted again soon!


skfhjkshfks -- tl;dr, CONGRATS DAISY! :wub:

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holy crap daisy you are so so good and I love your gallery (THAT WINTER SOLDIER SIG THO) and I love you

keep it up girl! :sean:



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Ok, just to start off, I love you guys all so much. :wub:

And I currently feel a bit like this:




Caution: MIND BLOWN.


Stephanie: Thank you so much and I definitely will enjoy the new shade! :D


Ariel: Thank you! <3


Jean: omg you're actually silly. :P Thank you so much, though, I love you. And that is actually the cutest thing I've ever seen! Probably because you made and it and you make disgustingly amazing stuff. (I'm not sure if that works as a compliment, but it's supposed to like... emphasise just how amazing your stuff is, ahahaha.)


Ak: Well, thanks or whatever. :P


Georgie: Thanks!


Kelly: Thank you!


Tilly: You remembered my birthday? :wub: And my Christmas? D'aww, you're such an attentive biffle. And I'm absolutely flattered that you're willing to let your bogan side shine in my presence. Now if only the same thing worked on suppressing Landon's bogan side! ^_^


Ariie: I love you so much, omg. THANK YOU! :hug: You and I will need to go on a quest to find this magic, because I don't know where it's hiding.


Ayu: Thanks!


En: Well it came as a surprise to me, but apparently I don't count as anyone. Rude. I love you anyway. And I know all about your Captain America biases, don't think I don't! :P I love you!


Thank you so much (again) everyone, you're all so sweet!

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CONGRATS ON THE PROMO!! It's so well deserved, I'm so jealous of all your stuff - it's an explosion of Teen Wolf and I'm in heaven :fangirl: I honestly might have to request something from you soon because your signatures are just. Ugh. SO GOOD. AND YOUR BANNERS. It's all gorgeous <3

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Need I say more??? Yeah I think so!


You have improved so much over the past month.

I love seeing your work in the pylc!

Everything you make is super pretty.

Enjoy the new colour and rank m'dear <3

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Daisy!!! A bit late to the party, but whoo it doesn't matter :P CONGRATS ON YOUR PROMO! Your stuff is amazing and yeah your animation skills are the da bomb, you must teach me your ways! Plus your colouring is so pretty :wub: You've improved so much my jaw has gone to the centre of the earth because I'm so shocked by how much, if you're not a Senior next month, I will be amazed!

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Lindsey: Teen Wolf explosion! Sterek explosion! :sean: I am never going to stop obsessing over this fandom, I swear. It's starting to become unhealthy and possibly creepy how into it I am, but whatever. ^_^ You're so sweet though. <3 Thanks for dropping by my gallery!


Gaby: Thank you! (that is so cute, by the way, TARDIS!) Thanks so much though, really. I always feel stupidly self-conscious posting in pylc, I don't know why. I don't feel that way about posting my graphics elsewhere on the site, but I get nervous when I put stuff in that thread, so I'm glad at least one person likes that I sometimes do! :P I'll definitely enjoy the new colour and rank, thanks!


Kiana: Fashionably late, of course. ^_^ Thanks so much! Seriously, if you do want some help with animation, I can tell you what I know. It's actually so much easier than I expected it to be. It almost feels like cheating sometimes. :P Woah, your jaw must be pretty sore if it's gone to the centre of the earth, let me just close that for you. *closes* :P


Thanks guys! :hug: I love you all!

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Gawd I haven't posted here yet. How have I forgotten the lovely Daisy's gallery------------- nah I'mma kidding course I was gonna post here.





I think you might not keep it bcuz it's not Sterek.


It's the thought that counts?/


But seriously, congratssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!



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Daisy I have composed a song for you in honour of your promotion.

You smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell.

Did you like it? It took me a long time and I worked real hard on it.



So, like congrats and stuff and you know.




OKAY. Let's be serious for a moment here Daisy, stop playing around. GEEZ.


You more than deserve this promo!!!

Like, whuteven is life.

Everything you make is GORGEOUS and AMAZING and OTHER GOOD WORDS!

My favourite things EVER are your banners.

They are like... perfect.


I hate banners, they are the devil in a crap disguise.

But somehow you manage to make them look so interesting and pretty and just STOP BECAUSE EMOTIONS OKAY.

Daisy you have a crazy amount of talent and I actually cannot wait to see where you are go from here.

It gon' be fabulous. like me/gnomes/our inappropriate trio name hahahahaha.



PS: I know I'm not very nice to you so enjoy this momentary lapse in my sanity.

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Daisy! i don't think i've wished you on this momentous occasion, buuuuut - CONGRATS ON THE PROMO! :D

you've improved so much since i've last been here and i think that was only two weeks ago :O your graphics are absolutely stunning <33 i'm sure you'll be rising up the ranks in no time! like im predicting you bing a senior next month - thats how amazing you are :D

enjoy your new shade of blue :happy:


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Aria: Thanks for the comment... I think?! :P I'm not sure what you have against Sterek, but know that I do not approve one bit. I will get to the bottom of this and make sure you start shipping it, too.


Landon: :wub: Haiii. :wub: Your composition was beautiful. I'm sure if you record it, it'll go straight to number one. You'll be the new Lady Gaga. So like thanks and stuff, you know? :rolleyes: You're the biggest loser I know, seriously. But I still like you anyway. And you're a real pro at pretending to be nice to people! Not that I'd know anything about that. Gnomes and trio names, ahahahaha. I like having these references in my gallery, I'll have to put them in my opening post! Like... on my header, say. PS: Momentary lapse in sanity enjoyed and returned. Love you.


Pooja: Thank you so much, Pooja! :D You're actually too nice! Maybe my gallery looks better than it did two weeks ago because I actually took some stuff out. :P hahahaha. I think that's probably helped.


Thanks for dropping by! You're all awesome! (except Landon.)

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Hey, congrats on the promo! I have to tell you that I really, really love your winter soldier sig. :wub: Unf. The animation is actually perfect.


Keep being awesome.



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