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The Dark Arts

How Did You Hear About The Dark Arts?

Where Did You Hear About The Dark Arts?  

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I honestly can't remember how I found this place. I believe I was searching through Google for graphics or tutorials. I my own graphics and coding for an RPG board I am working on. I have followed a couple of tutorials here and it has helped me get better in Photoshop. I hope I can start posting the work I have done.

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I was around back during the days of Pandora's Closet, and was introduced to this website through someone from those old forums. Now, PC's been closed for a few years, and RC&R isn't that active anymore either. I'm currently majoring in Communications Media, Digital Imaging and Graphic design in college, so I figured I'd come back and give it a try. :)

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Well... I've hung around on HPFF for a while and I did observe that everyone had these pretty banners, but I didn't know where they came from... I saw that they all said 'banner by suchandsuch @ TDA' but did not know what that stood for.


Then my dear friend Vicky (bathtub.) kept talking about this mysterious 'teedeeay' when we were chatting IRL (what? TDA members have real-life friends?), and then at some point I made the connection, and found the link on the side bar on HPFF and I finally knew what 'TDA' stood for, and it all became clear.


And then I came here and saw the pretties and with some threats bribes encouragement from Vicky, I made an account and have been hanging about ever since.



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Like everyone else, I found this place through HPFF WAY back sometime between 2005-2007. I can't even remember the exact date or even month back then, just that it was in that range. I was into fanfiction more than RP and graphics, and I was writing TONS of crap HP fics, certainly none that I ever kept, :P


I started dabbling in graphics through here, lurked around a bit, and then one day I just kinda disappeared off the face of it! :o And then, just today, I came back, made a new account, and I'm hoping to stay around a bit longer than I did last time, xD I'm just kinda terrible at keeping up with these things sometimes. <3

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