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ah man. your style. youuuuuur. sttyyyyyyyyyyylllle. it's SO CUTE. GOD LOOK AT IT. +this first of all is so cute. i wish i could make sigs like that. have to include +these because unf for some reason they are just so cute and prettily coloured. and thEN GOD +THIS BECAUSE GOD. I wish i had the cahones to try colorings like that. it's so cute and pretty and iconic. you officially have a fan. i love you.





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hi, athirah! :loves: eva here with the critique you requested. ^__^


first of all, i don't know why you want me to critique you. ._______________. your graphics in here are all so lovely, so i'll have to be scrabbling to find helpful things to say. :'D as a general note, i love where you're going with your coloring -- it's so lovely and bright and wonderful. :loves: i'd just try to avoid using the exact same kinds of coloring, if that makes sense. :P your text is absolutely amazinggg, and i love your comp. :wub:


over/under filtering

so, in your request, you mentioned that this was one of your weak points, so i'll try my best to help you out in this area. you honestly don't have that much trouble with over-filtering -- there are just a few over-sharpened people here and there, such as the edges of sherlock and john in this+ sig here, but other than that, i can't find anything with over-filtering.


sometimes, you have trouble with image quality (like i do, gah), such as the center girl in this+, but i'm not sure that it's the filtering. sometimes, coloring, when done a certain way, can make image quality worse, so be careful while you're coloring? D: (in that sig, i would try to sharpen around her eyes a bit more, but other than that, i think a little brightening might make the image quality better.) different adjustment layers affect image quality in different ways -- i think color balance and hue/saturation worsens the image quality most.


now, i wouldn't call it under-filtering, but there are a few graphics where you can sharpen/blur to improve the image quality. for example, this+ one. you could try sharpen edges and then surface or smart blur to clean it up afterwards to make the main guy's image quality better. in this+ one here, your comp and coloring is absolutely perfect, but the main girl can be sharpened a little bit to make the graphic flow more.


to be honest, that's it with image quality. :P your graphics are so prettyyy~



you said you had difficulty with these graphics, but i don't see it. :P i'll try to critique both of them, but i'm not sure whether i'll be helpful or not. :P


banners: this+ and this+ and this+ are my absolute favorites. :wub: the coloring in the second one is gorgeous, and the comp and text in the first is perfection, and the third...no words. :loves: for the others, it seems to be that it's slightly too repetitious. you don't seem to have this problem in the other graphics, though. for this+ banner, the textures used in it are all too similar, and the colors repeat themselves too often, if that makes sense. try for more variety in each banner. i love how flow-y each banner is, though, so keep that in your future graphics! :loves:


icons: these are absolutely gorgeous. .___. i mean, how??? D: these+ icons are amazing. :wub: the text ones, especially. for these+, i'd just say to try for more unique cuts and such. ^__^ in these+ the colors are a bit too similar in each of them, so i'd try varying them a bit. and i absolutely adore the concept in these+, but i think the text is too bold and cramped for the message that these icons send? try lessening the opacity of the text, or smudging them, or liquifying them, etc.


i honestly hope i helped. D:

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lyn: hi lyn! thank you so much for stopping by with your sweet words! :loves: i appreciate it a lot <3


modthyryth: hi there!! thank you so much for the critique!! :dance: i'll work on those tips and advice youve given me and im really grateful for the help so THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU :hearts:


lindsey: GIRLLLLL :loves: thank you for stopping by!!!!!!! you are so amazing, i am YOUR FAN TOO! ive been reading your comment like 2000 times already (thats not creepy, what...........) and it makes me laugh every single time!!! thank you!! :wub:


eva: hey eva!! first of all, thank you so much for being such a sweet person :') your critique actually helped me a lot & i know which areas i should improve on so thank you so much!! i'll definitely try out your advice, thank you, you did help (and i love your stuff too!!!)! :loves:

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Hey there, Athirah! :D I've come by with your gallery critique! I'm so sorry that it's taken me this long to get around to it, I've just been incredibly busy and distracted. But thank you for being patient and I'll get on with the critique!


Ok, so basically, I'm a huge fan of yours and I love your style and I'm expecting you to get another promotion again very soon! So giving you critique is going to be really, really tricky because I genuinely love your stuff, so I'm going to be really nitpicking here.


Filtering. You mentioned over-filtering as one of your weaknesses. Well, yes and no, I think. There are some examples where you've got some really sharp lines (like +here, on the border around the girl and the text, and a bit too much on the background image +here) but there are also times that you blur a bit too much (such as the people and foreground on that last blend I linked to, as well as +here and +here). And sometimes your people are a bit blurry and low quality (such as +here). I think it's really just a case of finding the right balance and making sure that, if you're going to surface or smart blur, to make sure it's subtle and not enough that you're blurring out any of the actual details. You'll also be doing yourself a huge favour if you make sure you only use images that are high quality in the first place, so that you don't have to filter too much to make them look good. But this is a really small issue, in the grand scheme of things, so yeah. :P Just make sure that your images are clear, crisp, but still have nice details to them.


(You also listed focal point as a weakness, and maybe it used to be, but from what I can see in your gallery right now, I don't think it really is. There are maybe a couple of pieces that are a bit confused in terms of focal point, but I think that in most cases you've got it spot on.)


Font choice. I didn't want to mention this at all, to be honest, because I really commend you for how experimental and brave you are with your font choice and I really don't want to discourage you from trying new things because sometimes it works really well and looks amazing. But sometimes I don't think it's working for you that well and I think it's important to try a few different fonts before you choose one to really find the best fit. But the reason I decided to talk about this at all was frankly because I couldn't think of another thing to mention! Legit. So I think for the most part, your text placement and colouring is fabulous, and I think your larger text is really good in terms of font choice. Where I think text lets you down is in the smaller fonts you're choosing. As a rule of thumb, I think for 'quote' text, it's always better to go for something a bit more simple. That doesn't necessarily mean boring or times new roman or anything, but I find that the more intricate a font is, the harder it is to make it work for a lot of small text. So +here, for example, I love the text placement and the colouring, but I think that having that curly font for the main text and using the plainer font of the main text for the quote might have worked better. I'm finding it really hard to describe exactly why I think that small font doesn't really work, but it just looks a little bit clumsy to me. I'm so sorry I can't be more eloquent, I literally suck at words. Anyway, +here is a great example of how a more interesting font can look really good as a quote, but I think the font for 'James' looks a little out of place on this one. The black makes it look quite heavy, whereas the rest of the text looks light and kind of effortless, and it looks a bit slapped on as an after thought. And +here, I think the 'you make me wanna / at the top of my lungs' doesn't really fit that well, either. The smaller quote you've got on the right hand side looks great so something a bit more like that might have been better. But like I said right at the start, in most cases, your text looks fab and I love the way you experiment and try different things and please don't be discouraged from doing that! There are just a couple of cases where it might not work quite as well, so just keep that in mind. And experiment more!


And that is literally all I can think of. I am a huge fan of your graphics and your style and I think you definitely deserve to be a senior very soon! So good luck! Just make sure you're updating regularly and keep trying new things and you'll be golden! :D

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daisy: hi there daisy! first of all, a huge mega humongous crazy THANK YOU!!! for the totally helpful critique <3 it helped me a lot & i'll be sure to follow your advice when i make new stuff :D
also, im sooo honoured that you actually like my work and i jus tijkrnbugirbnuasnauierawu
thank you sooo much once again & i still cant believe im senior and WOW THANK YOU


nightmare.: THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU <3333


red herring: omg thank you so so so much <333


je t'aime: thank you so much oh my god <333

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hello! i'm here with your requested critiquuuue and i'm just gonna jump right in (but also hello fellow nbhd fan i like you)


  • favourite graphics

+this is just adorable and i love the colours and omg


+this ghughu everything (i'm actually in love with all of your icons but i need to limit myself)

+this i don't even have words i mean what so simple and beautiful


basically your whole gallery if i'm being honest rn


  • least favourite graphics and clean out

+this: the comp and colouring is so nice, but the large picture is quite low quality and i just don't think it's up to par with the rest of your stuff

+this: while i love this texture use and everything, it just seems - a bit too simple? it almost looks unfinished, and the text is too spread out on the canvas so you've lost some of the focal point.

+this: again, this just isn't up to par with your other stuff! it's quite plain and compared to your other texture uses and colouring, it just looks a bit plain.


  • things you're doing really well

colouring: your colouring is just amazing. you do a very good job of having lots of different colours in your graphics without clashing or making things look bad. i also really love your use of monochrome and b&w! everything is so bright and colourful and i love it.


text: you have excellent font choices, colours, and placement of your text! i can read everything very easily, and in pretty much every graphic, the text isn't taking away from the focal point.


bases: your texture bases are so so good, and i love them! all of them are complex and aren't one dimensional (fun fact: i definitely wrote one direction and then i was like wait). there's always something going on but it never takes away from the main focal point of the graphic, and really, i just applaud you. :queen:


  • things to improve on

lighting: although your colouring is so good, i think you really have to watch that you're not overdarkening things. for example, i see that you tend to put a black shadow at the bottom of your graphics, and sometimes, it takes away rather than adds, and it makes things hard to see. for example -- in +this, the text is a bit hard to look at because you have to dark shading on the top. sometimes it's just a bit much, so just make sure you're not taking away from the vibrance of your colouring! something you can try is putting that layer of shading on a different layer option, like overlay or soft light, and it'll still make things darker, but not so much covering things (if that makes any sense whatsoever.)


hardcutting: you're very good at this, but in a few cases, things are a little sloppy and i can see the background of the original picture. for example -- in +this, i can see a bit of white at the top of his head and at the bottom of his right arm. it doesn't happen too often, but it's really important to make your hardcutting as smooth and natural as possible or things will look awkward.


repetition: although none of your comps are repetitive, there are some things that i'm noticing in all of your graphics. the coloured shadow behind the people in your graphics is used in pretty much all of your stuff, and while it looks good and adds to the whole of it, make sure you're not overusing it. i want you to experiment with other things and textures to put behind your people, and just make sure you don't fall into the same routine things. one of the most important things about being an artist is that you never stop growing and changing your style, so don't stay rooted with one thing!


  • other comments

you said you have trouble with filtering, but i haven't noticed that too much. however, if you know you have trouble with overfiltering, just watch yourself and make sure you don't over filter, and the same goes for underfiltering. it's a lot to do with self control and stuff, so you have to keep yourself in check! overall, i really love everything in here and as you can see, you don't have any big issues. a lot of stuff was just nit-picky details, so i'm hoping to see you on the promo list soon!


if you have any questions, don't hesitate to pm me!


- ariel

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but thank you so so so so much for the critique! i appreciate lots and lots and i'll totally & definitely put your advice into good use :loves:

it helped a lot hehe you're amazing thank you :hearts:

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Hey hun congrats on your promotion! :) Very well deserved, your texture use is absolutely on point ^_^ I barely use textures so I'm always impressed when people actually know how to use them and make them look good! Keep up the awesome work hun :)


niika <3

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congrats to you too! your use of color and text is so amazing


so well deserved!!


p.s. teach me how to icon

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OMG YOU GOT GRADDDDD!!! (softly sings i told u so)


Ive missed you and your stunning graphics heapsssss ahhhh!!!! now i cant stop staring!!!! my favourites have got to be: this (like that comp and colouring and overall look!!! how on earth did u pull this off!!!), this (again comp!!! what even!!! perfection much!!! and you're so good at text it makes me want to sit in a corner and cry or give u a never-ending hug) and this (the comp and texture use is not fair!!! and lets not forget taylor ;) )




-Curie :)

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@niika thank you!!!!!! :loves:



@eva THANK YOUUUUUU YOU ANGEL :loves: I'm still so psyched about it omg!!!! :cry:


@lady.luck thank you gorgeous!!!! (nah girl, YOU TEACH ME HOW TO GRAPHIC :sean:)






- athirah :dance:

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You've improved like crazy, I love your gallery right now!!! :wub:

Can't wait to see more from you, enjoy your new rank :hug::yahoo:

-Ashley :loves: xoxo

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