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Hiiiiiii Athirah!!!!!! <3333

So a) you are super awesome

b) your graphics are super awesome too!! :D:)

I absolutely love each and every one of them, but my favourites are definitely your sigs and blends *____*

and your comp is out of this world HOW DO YOU DO IT XD

this and this and this are so fabulous! Just wow!

I really really love your style it's so unique and texture-y and minimalistic yet beautiful (and everything that mine's not XDD)

Hopefully one day I will be just as good as you are and I REALLY will work to make that happen :D

you're an inspiration! <3


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your style omg bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how have you got this whole subtle but colour popping thing going

on simultaneously i literally cannot wrap my head around it.

i've just been scrolling up and down for the last ten minutes and now

i'm tempted to request something from you because


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oh yasssss i've finally found you here Thirah!!

/feeling proud/ :creepy:

everything is looking so cool and fab (as always)

don't know if you still remember me but hi~ /waves/

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honestly I think your style is one of the most unique and creative on tda :loves: I love how you colour things so they're kinda muted but also so vibrant? and also your use of textures and shapes.


though I think my favourite thing is how you 'break the rules' of traditional graphics here with really different comps, or covering people's faces, in a way which is so fresh and looks absolutely stunning!!


your work is so inspiring and I love seeing it around ❤️


zoë xx

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I am so in love with everything here just? Such amazing levels of creativity I can't believe it. Your comp especially is just to die for. Your coloring too? Wow! Everything is truly amazing and creative and gorgeous and I am just in love with it all. 

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