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Lady Plantagenet

Gallery Rules

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How to Post a Gallery

Before you post a gallery, make sure you have a graphics program (click here+ for more details) and at least 5 posts.


Posting a gallery, step-by-step

  1. Post your gallery for review in this forum here+.
  2. Add the date of your last update in the topic description.
  3. Make sure there is a credit list (please see below) included in your gallery.
  4. You'll need a minimum of 5 posts to be accepted as Member Artist.
  5. If an Admin or Moderator has not reviewed your gallery within 2 days, you can send them a PM. Please find a list of all current TDA staff here+.

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Credit Lists

In your gallery, you must have a list of credits that shows where you got your resources (such as stock images, textures, etc.) from.


What should my credit list contain?

Your credit list should have the name of the person/account you got your resource from, along with the website.

For example, if I used some textures by vikyvampirs90 from her deviantart page, the credit would look like this:


vikyvampirs90 @ deviantart


It is also good practice to link to the resource creator's account or the resource itself. Some creators require this as part of the copyright of the resource (please click here+ for more information).

So, with a link, the credit would look like this:

vikyvampirs90 @ deviantart


Your credit list must contain the names and sites of every creator you have used resources from. This gives the creators the credit they deserve and also shows that you are not using copyrighted images or resources.



Can I host my credit list on another site?

Yes, you can! Many artists choose to link to a credit list instead of having the list and links in their galleries. You may link to a credit list on another site such as tumblr or similar, or you can link to a google doc containing your credit list, but please make sure there is no personal information on the site you are linking to


Also, please make sure that we can actually access your credit list! If the site you link to requires an account to access, or the google doc is locked, we will consider this the same as having to credit list.

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Gallery Maintenance and Updates

As long as your gallery is active (i.e. has been update within the last month and is in the artist galleries section), you will be eligible for promotion. Please click here+ for more details about promotions.


Gallery Dos and Don'ts


  • Do put the date your gallery was last updated in the topic description. 
  • Do edit the date your gallery was updated every time you update it. This is important for promotions as we do not look at galleries that have not been updated in the previous month.
  • Do reply to people's posts on your gallery, making sure you don't post 'spam' (please see below).






What can I do as a new Member Artist?

  • You can enter challenges, either in the general area or in the rank-specific challenges if they are marked for Member Artists.
  • You are also eligible for promotions.

When can I apply for a promotion?

  • There is no need for an application. The admins go through all of the galleries updated in the last month.

How can I get promoted?

  • Your gallery will be reviewed by an admin. Please click here+ to find some general guidelines on how to prepare your gallery for a promotion. 

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Gallery Advice and Tips

Here are a few tips to help you organise your gallery.


When choosing graphics for your gallery, know the difference between a good variety of your graphics and everything you've ever made.

When you're just getting started, you may be compelled to post everything you've ever made - and that's OK, but if you don't really like it, or you think it doesn't represent your best work, you shouldn't post it. Remember, you can only have 50 images in any given gallery, so at some point you will reach this limit. When you're new, no one expects you to have 50 images! If you only have one or two signatures that you think are really good, you should post only those few that you like rather than posting a bunch of things you don't think are your best work.


Be organized.

Just like we tell the artists who have been around the block a little bit more: order helps. Whether you organize your gallery by type (avatar, banner, etc...) or style (grungy stuff, light texture stuff, clean stuff, etc..) you should organize things somehow. It makes it easier for everyone.


More helpful tips and tricks to make the best of your gallery can be found in the Gallery Design & Organization topic here+.

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