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Ahhh I stare at your graphics enough but this is the first time I'm commenting in your gallery?!


Anyways, I lovelovelove your graphics, your colouring is so cool and creative and gorgeous and like how???


Basically everything you make is love and I'm going to set up camp in your gallery :happy:

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Obviously you're amazing and I don't need to tell you this!


But I love this +sig and I had to tell you! Your eye for composition is superb!


Also, I love that Kit Harrington forum header <3 yum! *_*

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i have to agree with the comment above me, this sig is goooooorgeous, wow. your style is really lovely in general, and i'm going to continue admiring form near and afar

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Oh my lawdy I am like the slackest at replying ever D: SORRY ALL YOU LOVELY PEOPLE.


@Esmee Psssshhh no omg! But like seriously thank you for your kind words! I am massively in love with ALL your graphics so that's like a huge compliment <3 <3 Thank you so much for stopping by!


@Prea Nawww thank you so much! I don't know about amazing though haha. And omg I really wish that Kit Harington forum existed, ngl xD Thanks again <3 <3


@Ayesha JFDKSL what are you doing in my gallery? You're too perfect to be here *____* But omg thank you soooo much, I'm so glad you like it!! I am going to continue now so secretly stalking your work :sean:

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Your gallery really is a heavenly way to die!
I think I've died just looking at your graphics but I'm definitely in heaven because it's gorgeous. And I'm sorry if that sounds like a bad pick up line!


I really love your style though! The colour blocking is wonderful. I love anything that has colour blocking but you do it better than anyone else I've seen. I can't decide what part of your gallery is my favourite but it would probably be your signatures or chapter images or your blends maybe I don't know. I just like it all! I haven't seen any new banners from you for a while though. I remember those ones from last time I stalked your gallery and the time before. Make some more!
I can't wait to see them! And everything else. I've always loved your icons, too!


Ok bye!
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I will forever be in love with everything you make. You're style is so unique and always, always gorgeous.

This will always be a favorite though. That animation and those colors. And your composition and text

is perfect in everything. This is also stunning. So pretty. My comment is just one giant squee. You're

such a talented artist :blush:


kate :fangirl:

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Oh wow... I seriously admire anyone who can work with textures as well as you can! Seriously, how do you do it? Everything blends in so well and the coloring and the text... just wow. I really don't know what to say and I can't even pick a fave as it's pretty much your entire gallery but I do want to thank you for all the inspiration, I'll be checking in here very often, I'm sure <3

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@mayawhosenameilove HAIII! Omg thank you soooo much. But ahhh everyone is so right, I desperately need to update. I will resolve to do it this week. I MUST. But this whole banners thing...? o.O Maybe I should do banners for the UC or something bc there is like NO OTHER WAY I will force myself to make them xD


@kate fdfdsjfks :wub: You have such a unique, beautiful, stunnnnningggg style yourself so that means so much! My reply will hopefully just as big of a giant squee, and I'm so glad you're come back and joined us around here again <3 I missed you and your pretty graphics while you were gone!


@Vany O____O WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY GALLERY? No but seriously, you are like a legend and you are not allowed into look at my feeble offering of graphics xD KIDDING. Pls come, I'm so honoured hehe. Thank you so much for your kind words <333

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Silly Tillyyyyy! <3


Ahh your new shiny gallery is so beautiful <3 Absolutely love everything you have in here *_* And the colouring on the Hartley sig is incredible, oh my gosh <3


Keep up the amazingness!



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Your new gallery looks fab.


Only beef I have with it is that you didn't link to the proper sizes of things so I have to go and hunt them down myself. I am way too lazy for that, you meanie! >.< I love +this though. I'm glad that you're finally admitting/advertising your old lady status. Embrace it. Be proud. Since I can't link to anything without linking to something else, I'll just list the names of my favourites:


Archie. Love his sig! Awesome colour combo and great textures.

Hartley. Love that it's a bit different but still you.

Harvey. Whatever texture that is in the background, please share, it's amazing.

Numb. I like this a lot because I haven't seen it before?????? Are you hiding from me?

Tatiana. I've always loved this. From the colours to the textures, it's just fab. Very A+ spot on.


(ps. I hate Anthony's because why would you make someone else a Logan graphic, you traitor?) :cry:


Back to things I love:


Eithne. I've always really liked this sig, too! It's very Eithne, I feel.

Elise icons. A+ textures and colouring etc.

Colour block icons. You've literally ruined colour blocking for anyone else. No one else is allowed do it now because you do it so well and the rest of us are just going to fall pathetically short. Screw you. Also the text on these? wtf, get out.


(pps. you had me at meat tornado, rawrrr.)


You butter update soon, butterface. <3


Edit: oh butterballs. I thought I was giving your gallery my 2800th post but I came short by one. I am such a stick of butter right now I can't even. Sorry.

Edited by catharsis
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I'm sorry i haven't been in here like. well. ever. and it's upsetting because your stuff is so good, it makes me want to projectile vomit.

i don't think i could recreate your gorgeousness even if i tried, which believe me, i have, i have no shame and i steal rampantly


okay so first of all, is this just me, that i get overly emotional whenever i see a piece in an artist's gallery that i personally requested?

it's like yes. bow down for giving tilly the okay to continue creating beauty on my terms.

i am of course referring to your byouuuuuutiful set that you made for my anthony, it's still one of the best sets he's ever had and sometimes i just stare at it and think that even using the damn sig is not giving it enough love.



though i'm not gonna sit here and pretend that i don't have +this saved on my computer to stare at like almost every day for muse.

is that sad? it ain't sadddd.


anyway. yes. this color blocking thing you do. IT IS A GOOD THING. it's not really fair you get to be so good at it but eyyyy. what are you gonna do.



Edited by vinewood
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*here have my cookies sir!*

Your graphics are so cool and there's a certain vibe in it that makes it... so cool! #wow #suchawk #muchward

Completely destroy my vocabulary, I can't utter a word. *swim away in my own pool of tears*

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Oh. My. Goodness.
How have I never commented on your gallery before? Like HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE????
I don't think this comment will include anything coherent because I'm actually speechless. Can your style and graphics be any more perfect? I think not!
The colouring, composition and use of textures is so flawless and your text!!!! *missing words here*
I wish I was half as talented as you are. Your gallery is amazing and I want to have it. Can I? Please say yes :yes:
You're incredible.
Okay. Bye.

Edited by atë!
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