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Note on 'Graveyarding' and Moderation in this forum

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  • You may only have TWO (2) critique threads open in this area at a time. You may not start more than one thread per 24 hours.
  • In order to keep the forum neat and tidy and up-to-date, all threads that have had no more responses after 7 days will be moved to the graveyard. Note: that means 7 days after the last response, not 7 days after the thread was started.
  • You can keep your thread alive by responding to critique, thanking those who have responded, and updating with your efforts at improvement. Double-posting with a graphic update is allowed, but this is the ONLY reason you may double-post in this thread. Double-posting with thanks or responses is not allowed.
  • You can also ask any critique mod at any time to close and delete your thread, or post in Completed Critique if you've gotten all the feedback you need.
  • If you want to close your own thread, you may, just make sure to make a final post 'please graveyard' or 'critique completed' so that the mods know it's okay to remove the thread.

Thanks for your help! For any other questions, contact a Critique Moderator.

Edited by nancy drew.
clarified rule #3 || rachel

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