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Note on 'Graveyarding' and Moderation in this forum

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  • You may only have TWO (2) critique threads open in this area at a time. You may not start more than one thread per 24 hours.
  • In order to keep the forum neat and tidy and up-to-date, all threads that have had no more responses after 7 days will be moved to the graveyard. Note: that means 7 days after the last response, not 7 days after the thread was started.
  • You can keep your thread alive by responding to critique, thanking those who have responded, and updating with your efforts at improvement.
  • You can also ask any critique mod at any time to close and delete your thread, or post in Completed Critique if you've gotten all the feedback you need.
  • You may also close your own thread by posting in your topic saying 'topic no longer needed' or 'this may be graveyarded', and a mod will check topics regularly to clean them out. Please be clear if you are going to do this; we don't graveyard threads unless you explicitly ask us to.

Special rules for YBW polls:

  • You should only have one (1) YBW poll running at a time.
  • If you want to start a new poll because you've made more graphics, or have narrowed the choices down, please have your old poll closed and graveyarded first by posting in Completed Critique or PMing a moderator.
  • YBW topics will be sent to the graveyard without warning on the first of the month, or when the official YBW challenge polls are posted. If you want your topic to stay in the forum, please change the topic title or make a post in your thread to that effect.

Thank you! smile.gif


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