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[COMPLETED][Being Filled][open]CI for a James II/OC story

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Chapter Title: But It Shouldn't Matter


Link to Chapter: M


Have you requested this chapter image before?: No.


Characters on image: An OC named Aiden Thornton. He's the "cute" tripplet of the Thornton siblings. He has dark hair and light eyes. The person I chose for him was a young Kevin Zegers. The photo of him should be clean shaven and smiling if possible.


Other Images: Nope just him.


Quotes on the Image: The title and the name "Aiden Thornton


Color Preference: He's a Hufflepuff and I would guess that oranges and yellows would be best for him.


Mood of the Chapter: It's rather comical, but does have one intense scene.


Animation: No thank you!

Additional Information: Aiden is the quidditch captain for Hufflepuff and a prefect, so he is somewhat straight laced. He doesn't get angry easily as well and stays positive, so I would like him to be smiling if possible. I'm also open to other people that fit that description as long as it isn't someone I might be using later, so just PM me.


Thank you for considering this request!

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how's this?




let me know if you want any changes, or feel free to reopen if this isn't what you're looking for. otherwise please rehost and credit me as ianthe @ tea ^_^

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