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hello !

I'm Karly, and I've been graphicking for 6 years now using CS5.

I like politics, Chris Pine's face, speaking in French, and signatures.

I dislike maths, waking up too early, rude people, and blends.

Newest at the top!















chapter images






feel.zeroexposure.net | 99mockingbirds | personal photography

fractured-simplicity.net/daydreaming | sweet & talented | bellazon | zimbio.com

jeff kubina @ flickr | daredevil @ tda | starbuck. @ tda


wicked-fate | lookbackseeforward | cruciothelights | imthemockingjay

sweettasteofbitter | accio-glow | heartitactions | 3broomsticks

finnickscleverfingers | loseanhour | stewark | accolamorgan

yellowlemon | emonetgraphie | harryconutella


anajchan | vikyvamprs90 | deckblatts | katnisseverdark

Butterphil | krypteria | yawee | NYvelvet

maeappleseed | so-ghislane | aroneve

sharkbaitresources | mpriestlys | northerndawn

krisbrisbane | satine_violet | harryconutella

innocent_Lexys | vanessax17

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would you look at that ;D my second first in a day! :sean:

anyway, your graphics are so pretty. ;__________; your coloring is wonderful and i loooove your style <33


does this mean you're back? :'D I HOPE YOU'RE STAYING <33

your graphics are amazing.

that is all. :'D

Edited by just.a.willow.tree

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I really, really love your graphics and always have :loves:

Your use of textures is amazing and your text is so great

I'm happy you're back if what your saying is true :tongue:

I can't wait to see more from you! :D

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i've always been super jealous of your texture use, but now i see that your colouring is also *-*

i want to wrap it all up and cuddle it an love it forever

you make simplicity look so effortless

i could weep


yes good now never leave again <3

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hello there karly

i don't know how to say this

but i am totally in love with every graphic you make.

like legit in love.

love love.

love love love.


this isn't even legit.

but it is, because love knows no boundaries.


i need help and this is creepy as heck, but your graphics are seriously perfect and i am not sorry thank u

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you guys are lovely and make me smile lots <3 :loves: updated now & hopefully I can keep it up while winter break is going ^_^

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okay do i have a BONE to pick with YOU






like ive been in love with your style for like 78 years now

and it never fails to wow me because i want to pull this style off but it never works

and the only solution is for you to become my personal graphic person to make a graphic for everything i do


take a bath? karly makes me a thing

have breakfast? karly makes me a thing

give birth? karly makes me a thing


if you don't agree to this you're bein so omg rUDE


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I am so in love with your icons, oh my god. Make more. Right now. The coloring is SO PRETTY.

Actually, I am just so in love with everything. You have come so far - you never fail to amaze me!

I especially love this banner and the one right below it. They have the perfect use of textures & the coloring is to die for.

Sometimes too many textures crowds graphics, but not with you. You pull off textures really really well.

Hell, you pull off everything really. Pleaseeee make more graphics? This is not enough to please me! I need more!

You are brilliant. I love love love everything in here. So so so pretty I have no other way to describe it.

Please teach me.


Edited by klutzy_kara

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Hi, it's June, here with your harsh Crit~ don't hate me because tbh, ILY and all your graphics (y)


Best Graphic Type: Icons. I may be biased because I cannot icon for my life, but damn those are some /fine/ icons. @.@


Type you most need to improve: CIs! Where are them CIs, girl? D< Homework: make some n.n


Now for actual crit. I do believe there are three main points which you should be paying more attention to :)


1. Harsh Black Spots


Basically, in a fair few graphics ( 1 2 3 ) your blacks are really harsh in contrast to really light, soft bits of your graphic, which cuts the flow and doesn't really serve the graphic. True, full on blacks that aren't dulled by a bit of colour usually work best in things that are pretty much all around dark. (i.e. in your top sig? the blacks and general colouring is yummy)


2. Flatness


A few of your your graphics have that really cool, scrap-booky feel (i.e. your Hannah Cormak and Benjamin Jones sigs and your safe and sound banner) which is kinda flat in a way that really works and looks epic. However, in other places, but mostly in your Cressida Nova sig, everything is smushed together, and looks, well, flat, instead of dynamic and cool and fun and beautiful like they can be.


3. Variety


Out of all three, this is definitely your biggest flaw. There's a fine line between a style and doing the same thing over and over again, this being something you mentioned in your form. You reuse the same fonts or the same type of fonts a lot (usually all really simple, serif-type fonts, with occasionally one word in a fancier, scripture font). And you reuse the same images a lot. Even in your few graphics I can spot the same people and even the same pictures repeated several times in different graphics. So really you just need to download new images, and try and force yourself to step outside your box. Maybe try stock? I know it's yucky and all, but sometimes you just need to do something radically different to help your brain stir you to new horizons~


So yeah, hopefully this helped a little! Hope you don't hate me too much :glomp:

Edited by cookie.

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Your gallery makes me want to cry at how pretty everything is :cry:
I want to steal everything here!

Like how do you even make tiny 100x100 squares of perfection?
This is just stunning, the comp :loves::loves: (and also all the Cormack feelings)

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honestly, you're all so wonderful :wub: jean & kara your posts gave me the biggest grin <3

and omg /june/ that crit helped me so unbelievably much! (though I've already squeed that to you when I saw it, sooo...(

spencer I love you go home your stuff is fabulous okay <333333


basically I adore you all and your posts make me smile. also, I need to be better at responding but oh well :wub:

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but can I like claim twelfth post? is that a thing? let's make it a thing.


hiii karly *O* okay, i'm not even going to try to pick a favourite in your gallery because everything is so amazing.

i love love love love love love your icons - the composition and colouring on them are amazing.

and your signatures *O*

and Elsa's Character Library Image DD: just, how, urgh so unfair n_____n


please keep making more pretties for me, mmkay? :loves: :loves:


~ mafee.

Edited by libertas.

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your banners and large sized graphics are so brilliant!

i adore the warm colouring you have going on :wub: :wub: :wub:
your text usage and placement is also A+ and your icon talent
is making me very very green. keep up the amaaaazing work
i can't wait to come back here to drool some more :loves:

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so I'm honestly rubbish at replying to comments in my gallery, but I adore you all and reading everything you had to say made me smile so much. thank you all loads. <3 coming back to tda was definitely the right choice ^_^

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Guest Icarus.

Honestly, I've been here more than a few times. xD Your gallery is just so attracting! (literally though. like it's a magnet that keeps pulling me here! :silly: I'm starting to ramble. #sorrynotsorry) Your icons are my favourite in here! (so are the sigs and the banners and the CI and the blend. so basically I love everything.) Your use of texture is so inspiring! Everything fits together and they all look so adorable! Your comp is to die for and I love that you can pull off all sorts of moods, colours, etc. I am so ecstatic that you're back! <3

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your graphics have always been incredible but they are really out of this world now ❤️


I'm totally obsessed with that first icon set and your Hannah Cormack sig in particular! :)



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