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made of ivory and gold

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unzila :: 20 :: ps cc :: master artist

last updated october 6, 2019

currently under a massive revamp

































currently under revamp















tina.loves at tda

1st place in the banner base challenge

+click here



Member YBW September 2013




MA to JA in October of 2013

ForgottenFace at tda



member's choice promotion JA to SA in June of 2014

moony at tda



SA to Grad in August 2015

golden. at tda



Grad to Staff in March 2016

tea cup at tda



Admin's choice in Ultimate Make A Story Challenge in July 2015

a.leksy at tda



YBW in February 2016

foggy at tda



The Ultimate Continuous Lyrics Challenge in October 2016

arietty. at tda



Second Place in BBLB Cycle 2 October 2016

page thirteen. at tda



The Dark Mark Awards 2016 Finalist

for Best At Text



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why are you perfect

why do you live

how do you text

how do you comp

please share secrets ;-;




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will edit kk is there a way I can buy your talent bc I would pay an arm and leg for that. And your cis, freaking cis, they're perfect. Good enough to eat.


I love your gallery title btw


Bye now and I may edit later when I can speak coherently.

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heyyy, zi! :loves: i'm here with your crit! ^_^


first off, i admire anybody who has the patience to work with gallery layouts, and yours is so cool. *___* i don't even know how you do the shapes and arrows and all that amazing stuff you managed with yours, so bravo to you! :loves: (seriously, though, you need to tell me your secrets because i need to know how. immediately.)


moving on!



in your form, you said that text was one of your weakest points, so i'm going to tackle that first! >D you have such a wonderful way with choosing fonts and i'm so jealous of you for that. every font of yours just matches your graphic perfectly, so keep doing what you're doing in that respect. ;D sometimes, though, your text effects become a little too strong, and then it doesn't match the graphic as well anymore.


for example, in here+, the graphic is so soft and lovely, and, once again, i love the fonts you've picked out. :loves: the drop shadow on "daydream," though, doesn't match with the softness of the rest of the graphic. even the white borders on the edges fades out nicely into the graphic, while the drop shadow is like a sudden cut-off. i think that if you lower the opacity to around 50% and soften the spread, it would definitely help your graphic out. :loves: the same thing goes for the rectangles behind the smaller text -- the sudden edges mess with the flow a little with the graphic, so if you tone it down, we'll have one stunning signature right there. :loves:


this+, however, is an example of absolutely beautiful text. the edges are smooth, the color for the main text stands out beautifully from the monochrome, and the small text's color matches the rest of the graphic. >D


in this+ one, the white box behind "dark" actually works rather well with the white border. :'D the only word that needs a bit of touching up to match your gorgeously-colored graphic (seriously, zi, how?? ;_____; ) is "paradise" -- the drop shadow is thin because of the text, so keeping the shadow close to the original text would take the gap between the text and the shadow away. at the moment, the gap makes "paradise" look harsh in comparison to the rest of the graphic. ^_^


to sum that part up, if you minimize your text effects and keep them at fairly low opacities while trying to match them to the graphic's mood and structure, you will be wonderfully off. <33


another part of text that i've noticed is your slightly uneven spacing between lines, but i know for certain that you'll be able to fix this really easily. <33 you have this+ animated banner that looks like it has an terrifying number of slides how did you even do it BUT ANYWAY, the small text is spaced differently with every character that pops up. :33 keep an eye out for those sorts of things, lovely. :loves: another example is here+, where the two distinct lines separate from each other give the viewer a little bit of unbalance. ^_^


image quality;

i'm going to talk really quickly about this (at least, i hope it will be quick -- might not necessarily happen that way >__> ) and how coloring can affect quality a lot of the time. in this+ character library image, both girls look slightly blurry, as though they've both been scanned from a magazine. to be honest, when that happens, i just try to make the people as small as i can without making them mess up the comp so that they look like they have better image quality. (sometimes, when you've finished with the graphic and there are small people on it that look sort of blurry, add a filtering layer and set it to sharpen at low opacity.)


when lq images are used at a large-ish size, the image quality can be really affected, unfortunately. D': (this is why i never brave large people on graphics e__e not good for me. :blegh: )


in this+ graphic here, i think taylor could use with a little bit of sharpening, but other than that, the image quality's great! :'D


and this+ sort of falls into the category, i think? it's not so much that the large girl is blurry or oversharpened but that there's too much exposure on her face. the text is absolutely gorgeous here (this is my favorite piece from your gallery, actually <333333333), and it's only that tiny detail that throws the graphic off slightly. we can't really see the left side of her face because of the exposure, so if you tone it down a tiny little bit, it would be perfect. :loves:



i love your coloring! all you have to do is experiment a little more, go way out there, just go wild! :sean: i hope this was helpful! feel free to pm me with any questions, lovely. :loves:

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EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY I DONT KNOW HOW TO CAlm down maybe if i stopped typing in caps itll work



girl you are queen at texture use seriously. everything is jsut so gorgeous and wow you deserve a medal AND A LIFE LONG HUGGGGG


hehehe im sorry for the sudden caps and thing on your gallery but im looking forward to stalking you more because thats not creepy at all!!!!! :loves:

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becki ~ idk but the answer to life is a) bonding structure b) molecular mass and c) chocolate ;D thanks for the lovely comment XD


meena ~ awww thank you, that's really sweet!


eva ~ haha you do it with a lot of blood and sweat :P it's really quite annoying but worth it in the end. thanks so much for your helpful crit. I will be on the lookout for all this as I graphic. I've always been terrible with image quality, namely because I just have a hard time finding good quality images, but I'll try to do better on that.


athirah ~ girl you've got the coolest name ever. thanks for popping in and asgkas;gkjasgj what are you even on about, your graphics are to die for, and me? queen of texture? pshhh. :D but colors, yes, I agree with your there. colors are pretty! > :D oh and taylor can just come and take permanent residence in my gallery i'm totes okay with that.


Thanks to all of your for your comments :3

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holy hell. +this banner is amazing!


how do you animate that? like h o w ? ? ? ? ? ?


i am so impressed and seriously, youve got such great potential!


keep making all the pretties!

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omgggg heeeee preaaaaaa thanks so much XD

but but but literally that means a lot coming from youuuu!

also omfg you gave me a dark coloring banner, are you trying to kill me?? ;_; what's dark?

but but but omfg i'm so happy you stopped by because that literally made my day ;_; thank youuuu

xoxo, Zi

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woah first of all your gallery design is amazing as hell i WANT


SECOND, your colouring and your blending is so beautiful! it's hard to believe you're only a senior yet <33

your taylor swift graphics always seem to stand out the most 8DD shes so beautiful, and so are the pretties you've madeeee

your text is ON POINT wow i love it


heee keep up the brilliant work pls :'D

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aaaaah thanks jean! that literally just made my day. this gallery design is a lot of work to keep up with and i think i sold my soul to the devil for this. and omg t. swift. i just can't help it you know? she's so pretty, and wow thanks, i always thought i was terrible at text XD anyways thanks for the comment <3

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Hey zi!!

First off, I LOVE your gallery!

The coloring is amazing and your composition is absolutely flawless!

This is my favorite!!!

I think you're doing an amazing job at it, Keep up all the very good work!!!

:dumbles::loves::caren: :dance:



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Hey Liz!

omg thaaaaanks

that's so sweet eeee! thanks for stopping by

and leaving such a lovely comment

on my not as lovely gallery



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Hi Xi! Kara here with your critique!


For a clean-out I would suggest you remove +this and +this signature. They just aren't up to the high standards of your others! The coloring on the first is a bit too blue and the blending a bit too messy. The second one is just isn't as interesting as the others! It's not bad, just not excellent, you know? Totally up to you though! I'd love to see more banners and blends from you :3


composition: I really don't think that composition is a weakness of yours, tbh. I think it's actually very good, especially +here and +here. These pieces are so creative and so well organized. All of your pieces are! Sorry to be so unhelpful, but I really don't think you have much trouble composing things. Everything has nice focal points and perspective and placement!


text: Your text is very much modern and trendy, which is totally awesome. The boldness and the strokes and all that which is so popular nowadays works really well on pieces like +this *on the left* and +this. It really suits the mood and the composition/style of those two graphics. I just think that it doesn't work as well on pieces like +this and +this *on the right* The first sig has amazing composition. It's one of my favorites! I just feel like the large black stroke on the text kind of interrupts the flow of the piece. This font that you are using in both these pieces doesn't work well with such soft looking graphics. It's nice to have a few favorite fonts and to develop a style, but don't be afraid to try some other things out! I like the softness of the text you used in +this banner. Try this thing out on a few of your softer pieces and it will make a world of difference! The font style should make the graphic! Chunkier text works well with the texture style, but I think that softer more cursive-y fonts typically work better with stock-centered graphics. This is all a matter of opinion, but it's just a suggestion! I really do love your work. I would just like to see what else you can do!


Your coloring is beautiful, you are so creative, and everything here is incredibly interesting and your own. I'd just love to see you work with text a bit more. You have such talent for creating both bold and sharp and soft and smooth graphics. So in the case of the latter, I'd love to see you tone the text a little bit. It's just a nitpick thing! Your chapter images are brilliant and your banners really stand out. +this one is especially magnificent and I love the softness on +this. Keep making more! I hope this was at least a little helpful! Feel free to PM if you have any questions! Can't wait to see more from you! <3


edit: just realized when I saw your YBW that I took so long writing this that you have since added a heap of new sigs lmao. So sorry about my poor timing! Much of what I have said is now irrelevant hahah. +this sig is absolutely perfect. I love love the soft text and think it looks really good. This is what I was talking about! On that note, +this one I would love to see you try something similar. The cursive would really suit that one as opposed to something simple! But the simple text really works on the other two new sigs you added. Seriously amazing composition on all of them, I'm in love :loves::loves::loves:

Edited by klutzy_kara

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Hey Zi! ^__^ Long time no see - I mean for me. I know you've been here. :shiftyeye: Now that I'm back, I am here with your requested Critique! :D



First let me say, you've made major improvements since you had posted in my critique thread! =D I was looking at your gallery before, and I see some really beautiful new graphics here. :loves:


In terms of your composition, you're really great in this area! <3 Everything is I see is well composed. You don't have to worry about that. :no:





Your text though, it varies between good and needs working on. :/ There are certain pieces here that you have with attention-grabbing text such as +here, +here, and +here, But those work really awesome with text like that. :)


Ones I think don't think seem suitable (and should be taken out of your gallery) are +this {because the yellow on the text does not mach with the overall color of the CI at all. It ruins the flow of the Chapter Image.} +this one { again the yellow coloring of the text does not match with the overall theme color of the CI. It'd be cool if there's some type of yellow element/coloring being a part of the base, but there is not. Make sure that everything with the graphic matches up. It's to maintain flow and balance. It'd been better too if maybe you made the text red too.} :mellow:



From your newest graphics though, I can see you're calming down the tone of your text - like the first five signatures and your first few banners.


Though, I have to suggest that you experiment with the coloring of your text because it seems you got yourself in a habit of using white-colored text. :ermm: Don't be afraid to do what you were doing with what your text before... but make sure you choose the coloring of your text that matches the coloring of the overall graphic. (;




What should be binned is the following. :edward:



+here - the whites is overwhelming. The image quality of it seems lower than the newer graphics.


+here - again lower quality of the overall graphic. It doesn't seem up to par with your newer graphics. Your newer ones, I can see the blending and the coloring and the image quality is loads of better.


+here - it's not so bad... but again... just doesn't seem to suit with the rest of your newer graphics. It has a little low quality in the overall image.


+this - the blending of the girls seems awkward. The one in the middle has a halo around her hair at the top. The little image of the girl on the left looks weird with only her head showing - like it's floating. The biggest one on the right looks odd being blend into the texture(?) :confused1: and the linings on her face where her eye and lips are.


+this - Not up to par with your newest graphics. The two girls are two different skin tones. The big girl on the left is pink while the one the right is brown and yellow.


+this - not up to par with your newer graphics. Sort of a low image quality to it.


+this - not up to par with your newest graphics. The girls look awkwardly cut out or blended.


The rest below that too. ALL the CI's and your blends. There's a significant change in the image quality from your older graphics to your newer graphics. :spider:




Now. The only thing that is left is S Q U E E I N G!!!!! XD



Love, love, love your signatures again - the new ones! :wub: Your four banners are freaking amazing! :dumbles: The one with the animation has my heart!



As I said before, you've made progress, and keep it up! Experiment with text, maybe even with stock to open your horizons, watch out for image quality. :queen:



I'm here if you need me to clear any confusion or answer any of your questions! (I think I'm being redundant. :P)





- Asphodel

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girl I want to cry ;__;

you have such an amazing gallery here

your coloring and use of stars is on point dude D:

I adore your sig for alarika and want to cry because of that animated banner

but I am so obsessed with your toxic banner and that's my fave thing here D: beautiful coloring





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so I totally forgot to respond to everyone here ;-; i'm so sorry guys!


kara: you are a doll for your critique okay! and thank you so much for all of your compliments!!


alishya: omg you have no idea how much that helped me. like so so so much. you're such a babe for that critique and ahhh your squees made my day.


meggie: omg omg omg omg you doll! thanks so much for your lovely lovely lovely comments. I absolutely adore you and your work so it means a lot. thank you so much!

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