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The Dark Arts

[COMPLETED][reopened]CI for a James II/OC story

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Chapter Title: Some Say I'm Fearless

Link to Chapter: Here

Have you requested this chapter before?: Nope


Characters in Image: There's just one and that's Dominique Weasley. I've been using Hayden Panettiere for here character, so I would really like her to be the one in the image. The photo used of her should look preferably confident since Dominique in this story is a very outspoken and almost weird individual.


Color Preferences: Probably some warm colors. I'm thinking yellow or something along the lines of gold or Hufflepuff pride colors since quidditch tryouts take place in this chapter.


Other Images: None that I can think of...


Quotes to Include: Just the chapter title and "Dominique Weasley".


Mood of Chapter: It's relatively humorous until the end where a bit of drama happens. It's mostly just a chapter to get to know the main OC's friends.


Animation?: I don't really mind of its there. If someone can come up with something super creative and awesome, who am I to tell them I won't include it?


Additional Information: This chapter is mainly just quidditch stuff with some humorous plays on her friends. For example, the main girl uses Dominique's Veela charm to see if she can distract some of the males at tryouts and eliminate them from the team. It's just a fun chapter and I would love it if the Chapter Image reflected that. Thank you for even considering this!

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