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[COMPLETED][Awaiting Pickup][open]Chapter Image for a James II/ OC story

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Chapter Title: Others Say I'm Shameless (Story Lethargic).


Link: Here


Have You Requested This Chapter Image Before: Nope


Characters on Image: The characters name is Cayden Thornton. He happens to be a womanizing beater for the Hufflepuff quidditch team and the youngest of the Thornton triplets. He is very self confident to the point that it can be a little off putting. I was using Ian Somerhalder as the person portraying him. Cayden has dark hair and light eyes. He also has a bit of muscle on him.


Other Images: I can't really think of anything.


Quotes on Chapter Image: Just the title of the chapter and then 'Cayden Thornton'.


Color Preferences: I guess warm colors. Mostly yellows, oranges, golds. Those kind of things.


Mood of Chapter: It has a serious mood to it, but honestly it's humorous filler to get used to other characters in the story.


Animation?: It's not necessary, but I understand that some people like to use it. I'll leave it up to whoever decides to take this request.


Additional Information: I kind of mentioned before that Cayden is a bet over confident and I would really like that to show on the image. He shouldn't look serious at all since he doesn't really take things seriously, except for quidditch. It would be awesome if a picture of Ian Somerhalder smirking was used. Thank you for considering this request and I look forward to seeing the end product if you accept it! :)

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how's this? :D




if you like it, rehost and credt to legolas. @ TDA please! <33

feel free to ask for any changes :)

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I absolutely love it. I just want to say you picked the perfect picture of him. I'll be sure to credit you properly. Thank you for taking this! :D

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